Playful Presence Workshop


Get rid of the straitjacket, embrace your shyness and learn to have fun in your public speaking!

Workshop on 2 October 2015, Conway Hall London

So – I’m launching a workshop aimed at helping people to bring more freshness and creativity into their public speaking. Here is the lowdown – click on the link at the bottom if you’d like to attend.

Workshop overview

You’d love to be more expressive, humorous and able to improvise – but when a room full of eyes are on you, you tend to revert to the restricted, less inspiring version of yourself.

Playful Presence offers a friendly space to go beyond any self-imposed limitations that make you less dynamic or creative. It will help to free up your voice and your body language so you can be spontaneous and take risks.

Through exploring the psychological role of the ‘clown’, it will challenge you to let go of perfectionism and express the full colours of your personality on stage. You will become more charismatic through your confidence to improvise and you will find fresh ways of talking about your topic.

You will learn to accept and laugh at your own idiosyncrasies. Instead of over-planning and becoming obsessed with details, learn to be present and respond to what’s happening in the room.

In allowing yourself to relax, you will become more responsive and create a deeper connection with your audience.

The workshop will be light-hearted and serious, nonsensical and insightful, comfortable and challenging and above all open new possibilities of being.

Warning – This workshop is not for the faint-hearted, it will demand a heavy dose of silliness and an equal amount of daring.

Learning outcomes:

  • Transform your nerves into creative energy
  • Use your physicality playfully
  • Find the fun in failure and ingenious ways to recover
  • Generate a buzz in the room
  • Become comfortable in your awkwardness
  • Be in control out of control
  • Bring out your inner clown
  • Fall in love with any audience

Renewed energetically, the material you are presenting will become more alive, more accessible, the transformation more magical.

Public speaking will never be quite the same again. Not for you and not for your audiences.

The hardest thing in life, but the most rewarding, is to be fully ourselves

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And do leave a comment below! I always love to hear from you.

Nicky x

One Response

  1. Hey There Nicky – Just wanted to say I loved your post re: Playful Presense
    I think you advice can also actually apply to the online space as well (it certainly has for me)
    As a music hobbyist – my ‘presense’ online is very small, yet the tracks that have had the most hits and interest generated EVER have been the ones I have had the most fun with!!!

    I did a youtube video requesting hugh jackman to send my fiancee a message for our wedding day, and I’ve covered the spongebob squarepants song – all very light hearted and all fun… both the most popular things I have ever done….
    life is already too serious, lets lighten it up!
    awesome stuff!

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