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A creative life, directed by you

My mission in life is to help as many creatives live a meaningful life on their own terms.  Coaching is a powerful process that can help you to get much clearer on what ‘success’ means to you and to overcome barriers to achieving it.  

I’ve helped TV executives to land their ideal jobs and in contrast creative executives to give up stressful work to live abroad and become full time artists.  Success is not about what society wants, but what you deeply long for. 

I’ve helped hundreds of creatives complete the passion projects that fall down the priority list, the album, novel or exhibition that’s been on the list for years.  

I would love to help you release your genius into the world and create a life that really lights you up.

If you feel ready and want to take the next step, then here’s how.

“If I hadn’t worked with Nicky this year, there’s no way I would have had the success I’ve had. She gave me the confidence to plan and launch my own projects, including an EP and encouraged me to increase my prices. I now do much more meaningful work, feel more at ease making money and always prioritise my own creative work.”

– Lilli Unwin – Singer, songwriter

Coaching Topics

Every person is unique and each programme can last from 6-20 sessions and will be designed for you.  Here are some common topic areas that I cover in my longer programmes.  

This foundational session will kick-start your passion, get you clear about your ideal life, your purpose, key skills values and give you the rocket fuel to create your ideal career or business. You will leave with a deeper sense of clarity around your vision, mission and it will build the foundation for us to make sustainable changes.

Firestarter Discovery Session

Make a Big Shift

Create the life and career you really want

If you want clarity on your next ambition or goal.  Perhaps you are full time and wish to go freelance, or the other way round.  You have lots of ideas about what to do but no clear plan to move from where you are to where you want to be. These sessions will help you to get clearer on the next steps, put together a plan to get going and start taking bold action to make your goals a reality.

“Working with Nicky has been a life-changing experience. She helped me to understand what defines me as a person and an artist. The most important lesson has been to enjoy the journey rather than focus on the end result. Since working with Nicky I’ve understood that whatever I wanted was right there in my life already, I just had to see it. Nicky has helped me become a happier person and find the magic that made me love my creative practice in the first place. ”

Luca de Salvia – creative director

You may constantly prioritise work for other people and your own projects tend to go down the priority list. Otherwise, you may have been working on a creative project for ages and feel frustrated that you can never find the time or discipline to complete it. 

These sessions help you prioritise these important projects that inspire you, but just don’t get done. We work together to help you set goals, look at any limiting beliefs that may be in the way, get into new habits and put your passions centre stage.

Prioritise your Passion Project and complete it

Get Your Passion Project Finished​

Get More Ideal Work

Get more of the work you love – niching and narrowing the options

Get more of the work you love – niching and narrowing the options
You have been freelancing for a while, but may feel in a bit of a rut. You’re saying yes to many jobs that don’t inspire you and you’ve lost motivation. You need clarity on what you really want, a plan to get there and support to make those changes. These sessions will help you develop a clear niche so that you can be more focused in your search for your ideal work. You will have an action plan for a career that most inspires you.

Develop a compelling personal brand

These sessions help you define what’s truly unique about you, so you can promote yourself with more ease and success. Develop stories and content to communicate your work in a compelling way. Content can be used for blogs, website, social media or to gain press coverage.

Personal Branding and Self Promotion

Soulful Self Promotion

Become a Confident Public Speaker

Raise your profile through speaking

Raise your profile through speaking

Being a confident public speaker can make a huge difference to your career and reputation.  These sessions are aimed at helping creatives and leaders to learn how to develop more presence and to be memorable so that you are sought-after for the contracts you desire. When you master public speaking skills, you will have more confidence to do talks at prestigious events, video blogs or pitch for clients.

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