Are you hiding?


I’ve been creating workshops and blogs at home for some months now, having them nicely edited, ready for the world to see. The problem is that, by the time my pieces of work have been edited, my ideas have moved on and I want to change them! I realised this morning that I’m procrastinating because I’m avoiding being in the
spotlight. Yes, I’m avoiding it, so now that I’ve realised this, I’m going to put myself
into the spotlight today and see what it feels like.

I used to do regular video blogs to promote myself, but it always felt like a fight with a perfectionist friend. Part of me was a bully, willing myself to stop being so self-conscious; and the perfectionist part would always say, ‘But it has to be right for the brand. If I say the wrong thing then it’s going to be damaging.’ The bully would reply,
‘Balls to that.’ Eventually I’d get something out into the world, but the internal fight would often make it feel quite charged.

I’m not talking about success in the conventional sense here. I mean success in knowing that I’m stepping beyond my comfort zone in life in order to play a bigger game. When we shrink or hide away, we’re often losing our own power. We know it and the world reflects that back to us. When we hide, we don’t get to be at choice in life. We get what we’re given.

So, I’m stepping into the spotlight to share this thought and I wonder if this resonates
with you? Do you ever feel as if you’re hiding? Maybe it’s a talent that you’re hiding from us?
Or a brilliant gift that you don’t feel is quite polished or ready enough to put on

My work is about helping people to realise their deepest gifts are there for us all to enjoy, and to come out of the shadows and into the spotlight. When you hide your gifts, then you’re also stopping us from enjoying them too.
So let me know if that’s you. We should talk.

With lots of love

Nicky x

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  1. I resonate with this so strongly Nicky. For years I had the vague idea that I wanted to write a book but it was more comfortable to stay hidden. Now that I’ve written a book and had it published, I realised how small I had made myself by not sharing my gifts with the world. Now I feel like I’ve welcomed all parts of myself back into the spotlight! It’s so worth overcoming the resistance.

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