Welcome! I’m Nicky Moran

Award Winning Trainer And Certified Coach For Creative Professionals.

Be a leader of your own life

My mission is to help creative people live to their full potential, create work that is deeply meaningful, develop a sustainable career and become leaders in their industries, as well as their own lives.

Like many creatives, my career was a varied journey! From the age of four I remember singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in six-part harmony with my musical family which led me to becoming a jazz singer at 18.  I also taught dance, became a BBC freelance broadcast journalist, worked in sales,  did flirt coaching and even had a stint as a singing waitress! I was always ambitious, but I struggled to find a clear direction for my career.

Coming from a family of creatives, I also knew that the industries could be brutal.

What drives my passion

When I was 18, a close family member was in a pop band that was signed to a major record label. He went from playing in dingy rehearsal studios to travelling the world supporting famous bands in huge venues. The band released an album and had plays on Radio 1, and he instantly had status and great prospects.

Weeks into living this dream, he had a phone call that changed everything. The band had been dropped. There was no clear reason and certainly no emotional support. Within days, the band ended up squabbling with each other and their camaraderie was shot to pieces. I was devastated for him. His hopes and dreams were wrenched away in an instant.

Later on I learnt that this was common practice in the industry. Many bands are signed up as a tax loss. If they don’t make it quickly, they are cast aside.

Ever since, I’ve been driven to influence the creative industries to understand and nurture creative talent. I also wanted to help creatives develop resilience and the confidence to deal with challenges and carve out their own path.

I realised that in order to thrive in the creative industries, you need to develop as a person.

Why I became a coach

I chose to work in PR for a pop music education company and found my passion for empowering creatives to develop their skills.

Then in 2002, I worked at the BBC in a culture change project called ‘Making it Happen’ where I was thrown into facilitating creativity sessions with staff at the BBC.  I loved it and I found a new direction.  I became fascinated by psychology, communication skills and leading change.

I’ve worked as a leadership trainer and coach in business ever since.  Clients ranged from Visa, Fox, Trivago, Mercedez, Neils Yard Remedies, Virgin Media, BBC.

I also work privately with self employed creatives who want to take a leap with their careers.  I’ve helped photographers, composers, actors,  chefs to leaders of creative companies.

My Expertise

I help leaders become better communicators and I help creative people become clear about what they really want to achieve and to make it happen.  My expertise includes public speaking, influencing, charisma, story telling and how to promote yourself authentically.

I coach at the TED X Women’s Event every year.

I’m a certified coach with the Coaching Training Institute,  a certified NLP master practitioner.  I have a Media and Performing Arts degree.  I’m also a LAB profile consultant which means that I am qualified to do personality profiles to help people learn their key leadership strengths.

Interview on Creativity


Having worked in PR, I am comfortable with press interviews. I can talk about leadership, working in the creative industries and how to deal with the pressures and thrive in self employment.

I have been featured on ITV, Institute of Leadership and Management, The Guardian, BBC Radio London, Country Living and regularly get asked to be interviewed for creativity blogs.

Here are some articles and programmes I have been featured in:


Anything else you should know?

I adore music and dancing.  I sing and I perform regularly in London with my group Mixtape Manifesto. You can also spot me dancing the lindy hop in Hackney, london.

Finally – just so you know – I am PASSIONATE about coaching and supporting individuals to shine. I’m encouraging, honest, pragmatic; I’m also creative in approach and fun.

If you want to find out more about coaching,  then I’m happy to offer a free consultation to talk about your needs.

To get in touch, email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back in touch within 48 hours to arrange a time to talk.

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