About Nicky

My mission is to help creatives and leaders to live to their full potential, create work that is deeply meaningful and bring more unique, creative expression into the world.

My story

I come from a family of creatives. Writing plays, singing four-part harmonies and performing on stage were a normal growing up. However, like many creative people, I was confused. The creative industries were enticing, but competitive. My fear was ‘how can I make a living doing something I love’?
I explored multiple passions. I’ve been a jazz singer, radio journalist, dance teacher and worked in music PR. I still had the same fears: “Unless I am famous, how could I financially survive?”

In 2002, I headed to London and worked at the BBC on a project called ‘Making it Happen’. I volunteered to lead some creativity workshops and this was the lightening bolt that gave me the clarity I’d never had. I discovered that my number one skill was to facilitate people to think more creatively and this led to a whole new career. I found something I was great at that also involved many of my passions… and made money!

I discovered my purpose was to empower people to bring more authentic creativity into the world.
Since then, I’ve discovered everyone has a deep purpose that they may not be realising. My job, as a creative coach, is to help people to find the sweet spot that brings them alive.
I now divide my time between coaching creatives to find their clarity and working with leaders in business to be more authentic and creative.

And – I love what I do! 🙂

My Expertise and Qualifications


  • public speaking training (specialising in TED style talks)
  • influencing
  • charisma coaching
  • storytelling
  • how to promote yourself authentically


  • Certified coach with the Coaching Training Institute (CTI)
  • Certified NLP master practitioner
  • Media and Performing Arts degree
  • LAB profile consultant (qualified to do personality profiles to help people learn their key leadership strengths)


I am comfortable with press interviews. I can talk about leadership, working in the creative industries and how to deal with the pressures and thrive in self-employment. I have been featured on ITV, Institute of Leadership and Management, The Guardian, BBC Radio London, Country Living and regularly get asked to be interviewed for creativity blogs.

Here are some articles and programmes I have been featured in:


Finally – just so you know – I am PASSIONATE about coaching and supporting individuals to shine. I’m encouraging, honest, pragmatic; I’m also creative in approach and fun. If you want to find out more about coaching, then I’m happy to offer a free consultation to talk about your needs.

To get in touch, email me at nicky@nickymoran.co.uk and I’ll get back in touch within 48 hours to arrange a time to talk.


If you’re interested in having some coaching, either one-to-one or joining my group programme, I’d love to hear from you.  Get in touch and let me know what you’re interested in and what you’d love to achieve. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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