Hi I’m Nicky Moran. I love helping creatives to thrive. I would love to help you too.

I have a free gift for you – My 7 day training - Thrive E course: How to be successful, fulfilled and live a creative life on your own terms.

Are you an ambitious creative who yearns for more freedom to do passion projects that inspire you and play a bigger, bolder game?

Do you have talent, drive and at the same time feel that something is blocking you from taking the next step?

I’m Nicky Moran and I specialise in working with people like you to create the ideal career or business that satisfies your desire to realise your full potential. You may already be working in your field, but you know you could do so much more.

I know exactly how important it is for creative people to do work that is meaningful. I also know how frustrating it can feel when you want to achieve so much, yet find yourself treading water, starting different projects but not moving forward. Perhaps you’re stuck doing work to pay the bills, or you’ve ended up on a path that doesn’t feel quite right.

A creative life where you are inspired each day is possible. Being in charge of your own destiny is yours if you choose. If you’re ready to blaze your own trail, find your ignition here.

In one coaching session, we wrote goals linked to my values and one month later, I’d bought the premises for a creative workshop and played a gig at the BBC club.

- Aaron Wheeler, Music Composer

Nicky helped me with my talk for TEDx Covent Garden Women. Her ability to listen, grasp and help me convey what I wanted to say proved invaluable.

- Ella Achola, Ain’t I A Woman Collective

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