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Authentic leadership – inspiring others by being yourself

“My mission is to bring more unique, creative expression into the world.  We don’t need more information; we need more authentic connection.”

I work with all sorts of leaders – from CEOs, artists to new managers.  My work is all about communications and being truly impactful, even under pressure.

My aim is to help leaders to bring their full personality out.  In my experience, being authentic always has the best impact and gets the best results too.

I’ve helped journalists win public speaking awards, artists to sell more work, performers to do TED talks. I’ve even helped politicians to win seats.

Without Nicky, I would not have had the confidence to stand on stage and speak eloquently and fluently in front of a packed audience.  I think, act, and speak more clearly – both in public and in private now than I ever did before.

She is a listener, a thinker and a wonderful sounding board. I cannot rate Nicky’s style, method and manner highly enough

 Elliot Wilson

My approach

I’ve been a leadership trainer for 18 years and draw tools from my background in performing arts and media. I bring stage presence skills from my years as a singer and performer. I bring media training, from my work in radio and PR.

There are many skills I help people hone: from storytelling, stage presence to giving feedback. The heart of my approach is to help you access deeper confidence and express yourself more fully. When you are you, you’ll have much more impact.

I had to give a really important speech to win the contest to run as Parliamentary candidate. I hired Nicky because I didn’t want my nerves to impact on my performance. Nicky took me through a visualisation process was such a vivid experience that left me feeling both confident and inspired.  I did the speech the next day and I won. I cannot recommend this session highly enough.

Layla Moran

Your Leadership Brand

Authentic leadership starts with knowing what you deeply stand for. This is a foundational aspect of our work. We will explore your strengths, values, purpose, and vision. 

Presence and impact

Hone your public speaking skills so you can communicate well on stage, camera or in meetings.


This is an essential skill for influencing and can help you to be a more compelling and authentic communicator.

Inspire and motivate others

This is a toolkit for managing other people. Learn to balance motivational feedback with challenge, understanding personality styles and develop coaching skills. 

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“Working with Nicky has boosted my confidence, self-awareness and supported me with my leadership and communication effectiveness. Her magnetism, emotional intelligence and persistent drive to help are admirable; she also has a fabulous sense of humour, so it is a pleasure to work with her.”

Kayla Ente MBE
CEO Brighton and Hove Energy Services