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As you probably know, creative industries are enticing places to be, but the realities of making a living are not easy.

I’m Nicky Moran. I am a coach, mentor and trainer who specialises in working with creative professionals and business owners. I’ve designed this e-series as a response to offer solutions to the most common issues that most creatives face:

  • How to stay focused and make good, long term career decisions
  • How to make money from doing something you really love
  • How to stop procrastinating and get your most important work done
  • How to handle rejection and keep going
  • How to promote yourself and feel authentic
  • How to handle the feelings of isolation when working as a freelancer or small business owner

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Thrive offers a coaching journey with bite-size inspiration. Each lesson is told through stories of many of my client journeys and successful creatives I have interviewed over the years.  Sign up to receive your first lesson.

My philosophy is that we are all born with talents and I believe that a life journey where we realise our own potential not only benefits us, but it benefits the world!