How to set powerful intentions for 2018


Happy New Year!

I always start the new year with a free gift – but this year I got carried away!

I normally send out a reflective practice that helps you to set inspiring goals for the coming year. This time, I recorded six videos to teach you how to do the process step by step. It’s a mini training series that is designed to help you get really clear about the year ahead and what you want to achieve.

Here’s a video that explains the practice.

I realised that making resolutions was often futile. In my opinion, they focus on what’s not working about our lives and are built on judging ourselves for not being good enough. They may sound like a great idea on paper, but so often we lose our way after a few weeks and get back into old patterns. I think this leads to less confidence.

I believe the new year is a brilliant time for resetting, reflecting and getting ready for the year ahead from a place of strength.

Therefore, the practice I always do in early January is to reflect on the previous year from a learning perspective and to set intentions for the coming year from a deeper place.

It includes a series of powerful questions so that you can create a plan with intention. I’ve also made some videos to help you go through the process.

The aim is to help you to be really bold in 2018.

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If you would like coaching support to build a concrete plan and get accountability, feel free to drop me a line at I offer a free consultation and we can talk about what you’d most like to achieve this year.

Here’s to creating your best year yet!



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