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OK – this is an exciting moment. If you’ve ever tried to promote yourself and found that the process left you feeling a bit self-conscious or uncomfortable – “Oh, am I coming across as pushy, annoying, too much…” – well, you’re in good company! I have often found it stressful to talk about my work or create content because I found it difficult to relax and simply be myself.

I’ve been working on a project to help creative people and entrepreneurs to feel more comfortable about self-promotion.
The project is called Trailblazing PR. The starting point is a Trailblazing Archetypes quiz that will help you learn about your natural personality and energy. This will give you a head start by learning how to talk about your work in a way that feels natural and authentic.

It’s a much more positive alternative to the many tools on the market that often make us feel somewhat inadequate and robotic. My approach is to help you learn more about who you are and what makes you captivating, and how to be more comfortable in being YOU!

Click here for a link to the Trailblazing Archetypes quiz.

Find out if you are a Maverick, Charmer, Provocateur, Quirk of Art, Enigma, Talented Everyman or Pioneer.

Once you complete the questionnaire, you’ll get a report on the top two archetypes plus videos that I filmed with my colleague Beverley Glick (a former rock music journalist who coined the term the New Romantics in the 80s!) to give you further insights.

We are also launching a series of free videos that teach you more about the archetypes, as well as a workshop.

Watch this space!

Would love to know what you think. Here is the link again: The Trailblazing Archetypes Quiz – and do leave a comment below.

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  1. I would like to take the trailblazing quiz so I can get into the FB group but I can not find a link ti click on. I watched one of your videos on presence and it encouraged me.

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