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The Unlikely Route to Long-Term Career Fulfilment

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Hello there,


You may have seen that I’m doing a workshop on Thursday July 6th for creatives who want to learn how to do their own PR and marketing.

If you’re tempted to come but not sure if it’s for you, then I’d love to offer you a few thoughts.

Firstly, I’ve extended the early bird price to this Thursday. You can save £22 if you book by the end of tomorrow.

If you would like to come to our workshop on July 6th, make sure you grab an early bird ticket.

Buy a ticket here: The Brass Tacks of Trailblazing  PR on July 6th.

Also, if you’re wondering if PR is relevant to you, then I’d like to try and convince you why it’s the most important route towards fulfilment in the long term.

You’re a freelancer. You make your own work for pleasure but it’s not paying the bills. Why would you invest time and money in PR? Here are five reasons why you should:

  1. Even if you’re a freelancer, if you’re creative, you probably crave doing more of your own projects. Most of the clients I work with make money to pay the bills and have a dream of doing more of their own personal work. This workshop is about helping you develop a sense of what your own work stands for and learning how to get more recognition for doing what you love. When people are aware of your personal projects, then this can help you define your style or niche as a creative person and lead to getting better quality freelance jobs.
  1. If you can get yourself featured in a newspaper or other mainstream media outlet then you will be perceived as someone who is successful. When people’s perception of you goes up, then you will be seen as more valuable. This is when you can begin to charge more for your time.
  1. PR is about learning how to communicate your value through clarity and stories to others. I remember working with a photographer who struggled to get an agent. Once he got better at telling stories about his work, he started to attract lots of different agents who offered him a place on their books.
  1. PR is about great communication – being clear about what you stand for and who you want to work with. You can use PR skills to get media coverage as well as tell people about your personal work.
  1. The skills you will learn will help you pitch in many situations. Pitching for grants, getting interest in exhibitions or pitching for jobs. Pitching is basically PR, and PR is about communicating who you are and why people should pay for your skills. The better you are at doing this, the more likely you are to get the work that you love.

If you would like to come to our workshop on July 6th, make sure you grab an early bird ticket.

Buy a ticket here: The Brass Tacks of Trailblazing  PR on July 6th.


Hate self promotion? Here’s how you can learn to love it!

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Can you learn to love self-promotion?

I know many self-employed creatives really struggle with self-promotion. It’s a struggle that I’ve dealt with myself for many years. I’d like to tell you the story of how I’ve learnt to love it and find it enjoyable – and share some information about a workshop at the end.

I’ve been freelancing for 15 years now. For many of those years I worked as a contractor, doing training jobs in the corporate world. For the past five years, I’ve been running my own small business and finding clients directly.

It’s a challenging thing to be self-employed – it can feel so validating when things go well, for example, when a client has a big breakthrough or landing a great new contract.

But one thing I learnt early on is that to have an ideal career, you have to be really good at marketing and self-promotion. It’s something that I’ve always resisted and almost despised. I hate having to ‘sell myself’. It gives me the feeling of pressure.

Which is why I searched for a way to make it easier for myself. If I can deal with my own fear of self-promotion, then there’s probably some great learning for my clients, who also have this struggle.

Three years ago I met and worked with Bev Glick – a former rock music journalist who had also set up her own coaching company, teaching storytelling to small business owners. We discussed this dilemma for creative self-employed people. We talked about how difficult it is for so many people to raise their profile.

From many discussions, we realised one thing.

At the bottom of the frustration there is a painful thought that says: “People will think I’m annoying if I market myself. I’ll be judged.” This thought means we resist picking up the phone, writing blogs or letting people know what we are up to.

This thought leads us to feeling frustrated that we’re not getting the work we want, that we are not moving forward. We feel we are not living the life that is possible for ourselves, if only we could get over the fear.

So I asked a question and that was, “What would make the antidote to this fear? What would make it joyful and meaningful?” As I spoke to Bev about this we realised that it could be a reality.

Joy also comes from self-expression – from being completely authentic. As I talked with Bev, I realised that the essence of marketing is about uncovering the deepest story that describes the philosophy behind our work.

Bev asked me why I set up my practice – why I want to help creative people – and I recalled the time when my brother was dropped by a record company at the height of his career. I remember the pain he felt and how devastated he and his band members were. He recovered, but I have no doubt the scar is still deep.

From that moment I developed a longing to work with creative people, who can be so vulnerable. I felt such a strong sense of injustice that I had to find a way to put it right. My path led me to doing PR for a pop music education company in my 20s and then, later on in my career, to set up my coaching practice.

When I tell this story, I am connected with the deepest feeling that drives my work – and I am also sharing why I do what I do.

This, I realise, is part of my brand and my marketing message. By telling this story, I build trust with my clients.

It also feels hugely motivating to know that I am doing something that feels really important. It makes me want to let people know about my work. I want to share my passion and let other people know that what I do can make a difference.

And over to you.

If you are feeling frustrated with your work and want to have the kind of profile where you are well known for doing work you love – then learning how to do effective marketing and self-promotion can be a turning point in your life.

I believe that our destiny relies on our ability to show the world who we are and what we stand for. When we hope that great work will come our way and feel somehow frustrated that we’re not being picked for the right jobs, then perhaps we need to learn some some skills to help us get out there.

I am running a workshop on 6th July 2017 in London.  Here is the link to the workshop details: The Brass Tacks of Trailblazing PR  and if you would like to grab one of the early-bird places, buy your tickets here.

The deadline for the early-bird price for the workshop is this Thursday, 22nd June. I would hate you to miss out on this brilliant opportunity.

Three ways to get into any workshop for free

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

You may have seen the news that I’m running a groundbreaking workshop on July 6th called The Brass Tacks of Trailblazing PR.

The workshop is aimed at helping creative people learn how to raise their profile and get more of the work they love. Like many creatives, I find that marketing courses are generally not appropriate for people like us. This one-day course is designed to help creatives who know they need to promote themselves but find it difficult to build their confidence and take a few risks.

I want to make this available to as many creative people as possible, so I’ve made a video to teach you some tips on how to find the money or even a way to do the workshop without paying.

The tips I offer apply to any situation or any workshop.

I would love you to be there. Here is a link again for details about the workshop. “The Brass Tacks of Trailblazing PR”.

How to be the director and the star of your own show

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

fullsizeoutput_4cdeI was slightly heartbroken last night.

I went to see a show called Jekyll & Hyde at the Pleasance theatre in Islington. My friend  had invited me as her boyfriend was in the show. She brought a gaggle of friends with her, but sadly we made up the majority of the 20 or so audience.

In an auditorium big enough for 200 we felt conspicuous among rows of empty seats. I wondered if there was a good reason for the low attendance, but my concerns were laid to rest when the show turned out to be a riot.

It was like a mash-up between Monty Python and Phantom of the Opera. Four actors played bawdy characters in a comic tale that hurtled along with bursts of one-liners from musicals. The small audience cackled, cheered and whooped at the ridiculous plotline.

It is great fun – so please go and support it if you are in London this weekend. Here is a link:

Afterwards, I chatted to one of the actors in the bar and he told me the director had invested a lot of money in a marketing company to promote the show. He looked sheepish and told me: “I suppose I need to get on the phone and let a few people know about it.”

My heart sank. These actors were probably not making much of a profit from their weeks of work. They had paid a professional marketing company who did a slick job with the flyers, but ultimately they didn’t make an impact. The actors were still under pressure to bring in an audience.

I hate it when I see money go to waste and that’s exactly why I am choosing to teach creative people ways in which they can be in charge of their own marketing and feel empowered to raise the profile of their work.

I knew the director could so easily have been featured in the local paper or appeared on radio or at least attracted a buzz by sharing some of the brilliant moments of the show, or stories around it, on social media.

I also know that self-promotion is not an appealing subject for most creative people. Most pour their creativity into their projects – and I understand that.

However, what people don’t realise is that marketing is about learning to think creatively and investing energy into learning a few basic skills that can make the difference between earning a decent wage, getting clients, growing an audience and getting clients you really love – or feeling frustrated that nobody knows about you.

What most creatives don’t realise is that you are more likely to succeed if you can do it yourself. A PR or marketing company will never be as committed to your project as you are and they won’t understand the nuances that make your project unique.

Self-promotion is a creative skill – and you are much likely to be able to do a good job with your own ideas, because you are the person who knows what’s captivating about your work.
If you know any creative people who are struggling to get recognition for their work, please tell them about the workshop I have designed to teach them easy ways to build their profile. Please share the details of our workshop on July 6th.

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Oh – and if you’re free until Saturday and in London – I really want to inspire you to see the show.  It is fabulous and deserves a decent audience. Here is a link:
















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