Passion Project Challenge – Get it done over Christmas


Complete a Passion Project in Six Weeks.

In my experience, although many creatives have a deep desire to do personal projects, they often slip down the priority list when the need to pay bills takes centre stage.  Our passion projects end up gathering dust on a bookshelf, in a notebook or scraps of ideas in a drawer.

We want to make time for them,  to complete that book, script idea or album, but at some level, we also avoid them because it can feel painful to do what we really want to do.  If we finish a passion project, perhaps we will discover that our own work may not be that good after all. The fear of failure gremlins can hold us back from trying.  We can get into a rut, but our hearts ache to do something more meaningful.

Which is why I am launching this programme!

Passion Projects can increase our health, happiness and it also helps with career progression.  I believe that if you don’t make time for your own work or you feel somewhat creatively stifled, then it’s really important to take a step back and be honest about what’s important. This video launches my first online six week programme to help you get back in the driving seat and kick start the new year with a sense of achievement.

I created this one hour training to teach you why passion projects are the way forward.  It’s also launching a new programme with details below.

The purpose is to help you make significant headway with a project you would love to do, or finish during the Christmas holidays and start the New Year with power and confidence.

The project can be small or large. Perhaps you want to find time to reflect more, be inspired to take photographs, make a film,  or perhaps you want to be more productive and prioritise your time to finish a website or promote the book you wrote but sits on your shelf.  Now is the time!

Passion Project Challenge 

The programme will help you to:

  • Complete a meaningful project. (Or make significant headway)
  • Learn how to prioritise your most important work
  • Get into habits that will help you to be both organised and in your creative flow
  • Learn your patterns of self-sabotage and how to overcome procrastination
  • Feel a renewed sense of inspiration and more confidence in your creative expression.
  • Start 2017 with clarity on your career and life goals

The programme includes:

  • Six online learning video conference sessions that you can join or listen to afterwards. (You get a copy for life so can listen to all the programme content afterwards.)
  • A ‘get it done’ workbook. This is my encyclopaedia of tried and tested tools that I use with all my creative clients who need to be more productive.  It includes planning tools, exercises to help you prioritise, tools to help you get unstuck when you get into overwhelm, a list of time saving apps and more!
  • Membership of an international online community of inspiring creatives, where you can share your successes and ask for support.

Week 1 – 14 Dec at 6pm GMT Blast Off. Your energising outcome. Visualise success, declare your intentions and create an inspiring plan.  (Attend live or listen afterwards)

By the end of call one, you will have a map of your six-week journey with clear outcomes and deadlines for each week.

Week 2 – 20 Dec at 6pm GMT Creative habits. How rituals and daily habits can help increase your flow and ability to get things done. You will have a practical system to help you stay energised and get in your creative flow each day.

Week 3 – 27 Dec 6pm GMT Manage the ‘half way there, post Christmas’ gremlins. Dealing with any procrastination and self-sabotage to find flow and confidence again.

You will understand more how you tend to self-sabotage and find ways to get back in control.

Week 4 – 3 Jan 6pm GMT Being bold and taking risks. What will shift you forward in 2017? What’s a bold step for the New Year? Set up your new year with power.

Week 5 – 10 Jan 6pm GMT Becoming a completer-finisher. Staying with the process, persevering and getting the job done.

Week 6 – 17 Jan 6pm GMT Celebrations. This final call will celebrate your successes. A vital tool for building confidence and taking a step forward.

Price is £145


Want to know more? Send an email with ‘Passion Project Christmas Challenge’ to

If you are a starving artist with a big heart and this price is out of reach – reach out and make me an offer.  I would prefer you to benefit from this opportunity.

Nicky xx

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