How to stop fitting in and start doing your own thing!


Have you ever found yourself reflecting on your life and thinking, ‘I should be doing something more exciting or challenging than this’? As you tap away at your computer, churning out creative work for money, do you wonder what happened to the rock-star lifestyle you always dreamed of?

Well, I’m launching a series of video blogs today that are intended to inspire you to live a more expanded life.

This video, ‘How to stop fitting in and start doing your own thing’ is for you if you’ve ever fallen into a creative rut and need permission to be more daring.

I tell the story of one of my clients who pulled the plug on his life in London to live his dream on a Greek island. The fascinating truth is that it launched a more successful career, even though his decision was not the ‘sensible’ one.

Next week my Trailblazing Creatives collaborator, former rock journalist Bev Glick, will be telling the story of how she went from wearing skin-tight red and black rubber to interview pop stars to looking like an accountant when she became editor. Her creativity got lost as she was promoted up the ranks.

The key is to create the space to do passion projects.

We all need to make money, be pragmatic and meet the needs of our customers. But my belief is that you also need to create projects that serve your soul.

In today’s video, I discuss the need to liberate our dreams and how this can fuel our creative careers.

Your creativity, your voice, your art is the most important thing to express – for the purest reasons. It’s about creating your own thing, in your own way – not to pay a bill, please a customer or get anyone’s approval. Doing it for the sake of doing it is vital for you to grow as a person.

Do leave me a comment below telling me about a passion project you would love to do if you could find the time.

Feeling inspired? Come to my next workshop on 28th September in London for some BIG inspiration on taking charge of your creative life.

“A fantastic day to explore the barriers that you create for yourself and to learn about your own power. You will come away feeling the full force of your own potential – energised and enthusiastic’. Jo Jo Thomas – Writer.

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  1. Great story, Nicky – I totally agree that, when we stop pushing and start doing what makes us come alive, synchronicity comes into play! I’ve recently decided to start writing stories of my travels from the past five decades. I’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I put barriers in the way – mainly because I thought the stories would be of no interest to anyone else. Now I’m going to write them just for myself – and if other people enjoy reading them, that will simply be the icing on the cake!

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