Shhhh! Do you want to know a secret?


What are you thinking about right now? Take a moment and wander around your mind.

Perhaps you’re ruminating on a conversation you’ve had, ticking off a to do list, or worried about a problem you’re struggling to solve.

If you’re stuck in the ‘problem zone’, then this blog is definitely for you. 😉

We’ve been talking a lot about clarity recently – clarity of expression, clarity about what you do, clarity about your purpose and clarity about your audience. I’ve noticed that many creative people struggle with clarity because they can get stuck, either in problem solving or starting too many projects. One of the fastest routes to clarity is through learning about your desires in life – and getting clear about the dream.

A few years ago, I met a friend who introduced me to a book called The Secret.

It created waves in the personal development industry because it claimed that it was unlocking the mysteries of manifesting anything you want in life.

The basic idea is this: if you can imagine something you really want, vividly see it in your mind’s eye and emotionally connect with the experience of having it in this moment – then your start to manifest it in reality.

Why? The philosophy is that the universe is an energy field. Our thoughts are also energy and act like magnets. When you ruminate on problems – you attract more problems. However, when you think about your desires and picture them vividly it creates a magnetic pull for opportunities and the things that you most want.

I saw this in action with my friend. She had been through a difficult time in her life, including splitting up with her husband and losing a close relative. After a few weeks of blubbing into a pillow, she decided to use the principles to change her life. In a few months, she had moved to Paris, started salsa dancing, bought a whole new wardrobe and in a short time attracted a tall, dark handsome man who adores her. Living proof that we can all transform ourselves, no matter what we face.

It makes sense. Our thoughts are like little mood conductors – and our emotions can fluctuate depending on where our mind is going.

When we feel despondent or fall into a negative cycle of thinking our energy makes us feel less confident. We are less likely to spot opportunities or make bold decisions. When we feel frustrated, the world tends to reflect back our bad mood. On a good day, the sun seems to shine more brightly and people seem happier.

It’s not the world that changes, it’s our thoughts.

So over the years I have tried this out with my clients and myself and I can report that manifesting can work like magic.

Last October, Bev and I ran a workshop in London called Trailblazing Creatives: Increase Your Reach and Raise Your Game. The day was about really going for what you want in life and raising your profile.

We asked everyone to imagine the ideal goal for their life or career – and to think big. The most important part was to think specifically about an outcome and to imagine it vividly.

While the participants were working on their vision, Bev and I decided to do the same. I said to Bev: “I want to do a workshop in San Francisco in 2018.” Bev agreed that this would be an amazing goal to have.

We imagined ourselves in San Francisco, running a workshop with a group of creative people. We felt excited at the idea of expanding our horizons beyond London. But we’d only just begun to do workshops in London – how would that be possible?

Then, to my surprise, a couple of weeks ago, I got a call from one of the companies I work for. “Can you do a workshop in San Francisco? Bev will be the other trainer.”

My heart nearly stopped beating. “Erm, yes,” I said, and laughed out loud. I felt a swell of excitement that here was the evidence of the power of clear intention. Perhaps thoughts really do work like magnets.


So I’d like to inspire you to think differently today – to think bigger – to be bolder in the way you think and to get clarity on what you want, in a sharp and vivid way.


If you were being bold with your life, what would you love to make happen?

Imagine this in reality now. Close your eyes and imagine this is happening today. What would it look like? Who would be there? Where would you be and how would you be feeling. (The moreaccurately you can experience it in reality, the easier it is for your subconscious mind to do its magnetic work.)


The question of thinking is important. According to some researchers, we have XXXX thoughts a day and XXX of them are exactly the same.

If you can train yourself to think in terms of outcomes that light you up and make you feel excited – the more you will attract the opportunities you seek.

This doesn’t discount the need for hard work and taking action. Every big dream takes work – but when your work is fuelled by a positive desire and a belief that it is possible in your mind, it gives you the rocket fuel and energy to keep going in the tougher moments.

What would you love to make happen?  Let me know in the comments below.






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