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Before I launch into my blog, you may be aware that in a couple of weeks I’m launching an online programme called ‘Storytelling for self promotion’. It’s a ten week programme about going bigger in our lives through sharing stories about our work.

Going bigger can be challenging for many of us – it means stepping into the spotlight which can bring out our insecurities.  So –  I want to invite you to a facebook live I am doing on Wednesday 23rd May at 5pm BST to talk about why I think that we should all be playing a bigger game, managing resistance and how to become bolder with our careers.

I’d love you to join me.  Here is the link to join:

Back to my blog:

“I have resistance to the whole PR thing.”

This was Janet (not her real name), a talented and successful scriptwriter and client of mine.

Like many creative people, Janet feels a lot of resistance to sharing her work. Self-promotion fills her with dread and this stops her from having the profile she deserves.

So many of us struggle with this. We do great work and yet find it hard to shout about what we do.

And that is something that I want to change. If I’m honest – it makes me sad.

I hate seeing talent go to waste. It frustrates me to see people who could be so successful. I want to tell you that it’s entirely possible to have a career and a life that reflects your passions.

One of the principles I talk about in my e-book Thrive is: “Learn to love marketing.”

Thrive Download Book

I’ve realised that it’s not just about learning self-promotion as a skillset, it’s a deep commitment to your career and a perspective on life that will change your destiny.

Having working with hundreds of creatives over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest battle is with our own resistance to committing to our bigger potential.

Learning to promote ourselves is about  taking ourselves seriously.

The struggle that we have is not only about completing projects, but about choosing to be leaders in our own lives by saying to the world: “I choose to be in the spotlight and claim that my work deserves to be seen.”

So I’m going to name some of the sneaky resistance battles that I regularly come across and I’d like to challenge you to take a different view.

Mindset 1 – “My work should speak for itself”

This was Janet’s view – picking up the phone to speak to a journalist, writing blogs or public speaking filled her with terror. “I’m an introvert,” she would protest.  “That’s why I write. I have a rich inner world and I don’t like to be too public.”

As we unwrapped more of what was beneath the resistance of doing self-promotion, it came down to this belief:

“Surely if my work is good, people will recognise it?”

The truth is your work may be good, but nobody will notice your name on an email if you don’t have a profile. You have to be master the art of making your work stand out.

Mindset 2 –  ”I’m rubbish at PR.”

These were the words from a very talented musician friend of mine. He is a gifted artist who seems to play in lots of small collaborations in tiny venues.

It feels incongruent to me that someone who should be world-renowned is limiting their potential by choosing not to invest time in their own profile.

What’s often underneath this mindset is: “I’m scared – what If people find out I’m not as good as I think I am?”

I say, build a loving relationship with yourself and focus on your potential – your talent should be shared with a wider audience.  Choose self-love and acknowledgement over fear of what other people think.

Mindset 3 – “I’m still exploring what I want to do.”

I have met so many creative people who haven’t committed to a route for their future. They end up doing lots of different things, which means their energy is scattered and they don’t have a body of work that can help them raise their profile.

What’s underneath this is often a fear of not feeling good enough.

I believe that confidence comes from an inner decision to commit fully and to keep going. When the feeling of wanting to run away or do something different comes up, you use it build your story.  You are completely good enough – in fact you are brilliant and no doubt underestimating who you could be.

Take action now and choose and live a bigger life.

It is tough to take charge of your own destiny and put yourself and your work out there.

It’s easier to look at other people in the limelight and criticise them.

I believe that as creative people we have been given talent and yet so many of us don’t honour the potential that we have.

I would love you to be bolder in your life and choose to take the path that will lead to a more fulfilling future.

What’s my solution?

Well – join me on Wednesday 23 May at 5pm to have a live conversation with me. Here is the link again:

In the meantime, I am launching an online group coaching programme, ‘Storytelling for Self Promotion’, at the end of May and it could change your life.

It is designed to inspire and kick some butt. 🙂

It is designed to wake up you from inertia, give you clarity and confidence on your creative purpose and help you get yourself out there and claim the type of creative person you want to be and the work that want to be known for.

It’s designed for creative people who are innately talented and know that they should be better at marketing but often make excuses about why they’re not doing it well.

Learning to tell stories about your work and committing to self-promotion will help you overcome the innate resistance that so many of us have to deal with.

You’ll be in a supportive group and you’ll get the opportunity to share a story at our next event on September 4th to an invited group of creatives and journalists.

Here are the details of the programme, which starts on May 30th. Here is the link again: ‘Storytelling for Self Promotion’,

It can be accessed any part of the world as most of it is online.

But – don’t forget to join me on Wednesday at 5pm BST to have a chat about this – and don’t let your resistance win.

Let the world know about your talent.


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