Storytelling for Self-Promotion

10-week online coaching programme for creatives

Are you an ambitious creative who’s hungry​ for more success and a life on your own terms? This practical online coaching programme is designed to help you raise your profile, learn to promote yourself through the art of authentic storytelling and even get media coverage.

Facilitated by creative career coach and former PR Nicky Moran and storytelling expert and former music journalist Beverley Glick, this programme will teach you how to build a narrative around your work and create a personal brand that helps you stand out from the crowd.

Programme outcomes

  • Learn how to weave a compelling narrative around your work that will attract publicity. Even if you have several strings to your bow, you can clarify the higher purpose and meaning behind your work that will help you create a coherent brand.
  • Learn how to tell stories that are appealing to journalists. Whether you are a performer, an artist or provide a service, you can find out how to get your work featured in the media.
  • Learn how to find stories in the everyday and develop a portfolio of stories that promote your work.
  • Learn how to structure a good story quickly so you know how to promote yourself in any situation.
  • Learn how to use Trailblazer Tribe Archetype energy to help you develop a personal brand and stand out from your competitors.
  • Complete a series of self-promotion challenges that will help you become more comfortable with talking about yourself and your work.
  • Learn to pitch stories in a way that feels authentic and without coming across as pushy.

The programme consists of

  • A launch call for participants who live outside London
  • An evening meet-up for those who live in London
  • Six 90-minute webinar training sessions
  • Online group coachingsessions with Nicky or Beverley
  • Weekly challenges to promote yourself and build your brand
  • A final bonus session online for those outside London
  • A final bonus meet-up for those who live in London
  • A private Facebook group where you can get feedback on stories you’re working on
  • An opportunity to tell a story at a future community event
You can attend the training sessions live or listen to a recording afterwards. You’ll also get ongoing personal feedback and coaching on what is unique about you and we’ll help you develop meaningful content that you can use in blogs and social media or to get press coverage.
The overall aim of the programme is to help you understand that self-promotion can be an extension of your creative expression.

Feedback from previous participants

“I was seriously struggling with promoting my ideas and hated putting myself out there. But I jumped in and took the advice of Nicky and Bev. All sorts of new paths have opened up – my Facebook group has 1.4k members, I’m launching a magazine, I’ve been interviewed, photographed and talked about myself more than I ever thought possible. Understanding my Trailblazer Tribe archetypes gave me the tools I needed to be brave and the confidence to show up.” 

Rebecca Weef Smith, fashion psychologist and Goldie magazine editor 


“You demonstrated a very real and authentic way of communicating about creative services. I now have a much clearer idea of how to talk about myself and my art and most, importantly, I feel encouraged to talk openly about my purpose and myself. You made the entire marketing thing much more doable for me.”

– Barbara Marzell, artist


“Nicky and Bev, aka the More than Dynamic Duo, bring a wealth of expertise which they shared generously and creatively to help me become a PR maven. My Maverick archetype gives me a fab focus for my marketing. Highly recommended!”
– Sharon Eden, psychotherapist and spiritual warrior


“If you want to understand how to promote yourself to the press, this is a good way in to understanding how to do it with confidence. Bev and Nicky are cool and I liked being able to test things out in the private Facebook group.”
– Emily Jacob, author and campaigner

Dates for spring/summer

Launch call/meet-up  –  4pm-5.30pm/6.30pm-9pm BST  –  Wed 30th May
Training webinar 1  –  6pm-7.30pm BST  –  Mon 4th June
Training webinar 2  –  6pm-7.30pm BST –  Mon 11th June
Online group coaching  –  6pm-7.00pm BST  –  Mon 18th June
Training webinar 3  –  6pm-7.30pm BST  –  Mon 25th June
Training webinar 4  –  6pm-7.30pm BST  –  Mon 2nd July
Online group coaching  –  6pm-7.00pm BST  –  Tues 10th July
Training webinar 5  –  6pm-7.30pm BST  –  Mon 16th July
Training webinar 6  –  6pm-7.30pm BST –  Mon 23rd July
Bonus call/meet-up  –  4pm-5.30pm/6.30pm-9pm BST  –  Mon 30th July


Early bird price (until May 10th): £447*
Full price: £497*
Starving artist price**: £297*


* Please note there will be an additional 3 per cent booking fee to cover transaction costs.
**Apply to [email protected] explaining why you can’t afford the full price – Nicky and Beverley will adjudicate and their decision is final.