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I was sitting in a coffee shop with Bev yesterday putting the final touches of the Brass Tacks of Trailblazing PR course together and I suddenly realised something profound.

I looked at Bev and said: “This isn’t PR, this is a leadership workshop! We are starting a movement!” We are not just teaching people how to tell a good story, we are developing the skills that creatives need to step into being more powerful in their lives.

If you want to be able to sell your own work, then learning PR and marketing skills are absolutely essential.

What is different is that this workshop will teach you how to do PR in a way that feels authentic and meaningful.

You’ll meet some fascinating people including music composers, artists, theatre makers, authors, an entrepreneur, a storyteller and a TV producer. Just think about the opportunities to share your ideas and build a network with people who also want to raise their profile.

You will learn exactly how to attract media attention and get something in the papers.

The skills you will learn are completely transferable. You can use the information to create blogs, talk about your work and gain clients too.

It will be so much fun! Bev and I have designed a day that is creative and engaging.

We would love you to come. This is your final opportunity!

Here is the link for more info:

If you are absolutely strapped, I have written a blog to teach you how to get into my workshop for free!!

If you want to buy tickets – here is the link: Buy Tickets.

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