Is it weak to ask for help?


I am celebrating this week, because I won the award of trainer of the year. Woo hoo! 

Thank you so much if you voted for me and for the lovely comments and emails that you sent.

This week, I decided to be brave and to create a video blog which tells the story of an inner journey I went on in order to win.

I had to overcome a deep-seated insecurity of mine, which was about asking for help. Part of me felt awkward and uncomfortable having to reach out to you and others to help me achieve something.

Perhaps you can identify with this feeling? If you do, then my video blog tells my journey of getting over this limited way of thinking.

When I became bolder and braver – it resulted not only with an award and a closer-knit community, it helped me realise that asking for help is an act of courage.

So – if asking for help is a block for you, then I challenge you to get out there and ask for support this week. It may well lead to great things. 😉

Do let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Much love

Nicky x

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