How to create blissful goals for 2016


Happy New Year!

No matter where you are in your life, there is something liberating about a new year.  It’s a chance to reset and make changes.  I’m not a believer in ‘new year’s resolutions’ though:   “I must go to the gym more, be a nicer person, eat more vegetables…”  If you are starting the year with a critical mindset, It’s hardly setting you up for happiness or success.

Instead – see yourself as a unique person who has a right to a life that feels good. Setting New Year’s intentions should be a joyous experience that allows you to learn more about what that means to you.

But we’re not taught how to do this.  Which is why I’ve developed a practice to help you create goals that will guide you towards having more bliss!

I’m giving this to you as a free gift for the new year.  Here it is:

Get your copy of Blissful Goals here

Even if last year was a complete rollercoaster, there were probably brilliant learning opportunities to extract the juice from. No matter how it was, this tool will help you reflect on your previous year and extract the juice to shape up a 2016 that feels meaningful.

Over to you!  Make sure you:

  1. Get your copy of Blissful Goals here
  2. Write one important goal below that you have for the new year.

Go on – be bold.  We can all cheer you on.

Have an amazing 2016

Nicky x

3 Responses

  1. I love your contagious ( in a good way ) enthusiasm.
    As usual you hit the nail firmly on the head.
    And my goal for the next six months is to lose three stone.

  2. Great video Nicky, and put together in such a creative and engaging way. Love your energy and enthusiasm.

    I’m looking forward to using your ‘Blissful Goals’ process and to creating some really juicy goals for myself this year. Top one will be to find ways to have more fun with my business.

    1. hey Linda – thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate that. Good luck with having fun – that’s a top value for me and helps to keep work flowing. Nicky

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