Do you struggle to finish projects?


Don’t you find that being creative is both a blessing and a curse?

If you are anything like me, you are brilliant at starting projects, but hopeless at either finishing them or sharing them once they’re done.

Somehow, nothing ever seems quite brilliant enough. I constantly criticise what I’ve done, and the whole episode leads to the curse of procrastination.

I’m on a mission to get more talented creative people to complete their most important work and share it with the world.  I believe that creative talent is a gift that is useless, unless we are able to give pleasure to others. I’ve made this video today to ask for your honesty and your feedback.

It will help me to develop a group programme called Trailblazers – which is an exciting project which will start in the new year. 

Please share this with your brilliant creative friends who you suspect may be stalling their talents.


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  1. Wow Nicky – Are you speaking directly to me? This is SO my issue, getting to the finish line with my creative projects. My excuses, in no particular order, are: lack of time, fear, distraction, procrastination, and working for long stretches of time on my own. And combinations of the above. I’m a writer, so I’d love to hear more about Trailblazers. I’ve signed up for your mailing list so you can keep me posted!

    1. Hi Caitlin, thanks for the feedback. Yes – it’s SUCH a common issue working alone. Will certainly keep you posted.

  2. Yes, Nicky, I AM the person who is struggling about my “never ending” writing project.

    I keep hanging my several projects long time, and it is dried up in the end— and never coming back my initial idea or passion.

    I understand I should “cook” them and complete while they are fresh. But my mind says “More polish up, more sophisticated, I can do it better!”

    Only the thing left in my mind is sense of self-loathing.

    1. hey Yumi,
      thanks for sharing this. It breaks my heart when i hear the self loathing that happens for us creative types, because we are wanting it to be perfect! It is such a viscious cycle of thinking. Especially when what you’re writing is probably BRILLIANT and if you finished it, you would add so much pleasure to others. There’s something about learning to get other perspectives when we fall into this thinking. Why I think a group process would be so helpful to shift people. nicky x

  3. Nicky, I have a bookcase full of notebooks containing unfinished work. I know there is some really good material there, but I don’t feel inspired to finish writing, and can’t seem to make the time and find the space I need to be creative. I look forward to finding out more about Trailblazers!

    1. Jess – yes, SO common. I relate to this entirely. We start with inspiration and then we lose our passion. That’s so helpful. So a big piece for me to focus on is how to explore how to reconnect back to the inspiration that was there in the first place.

  4. Great stuff as always Nicky! And yes, once again, it does seem as if you’re talking specifically to me as I try & summon up the motivation to knuckle down & get things moving.

    Inspiring stuff! Looking forward to hearing more about Trailblazers in the new year. Keep up the good work!


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