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Lost your mojo? How to get it back.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

After asking you all the question in my blog last week: ‘what stops you from completing creative projects’, I had some wonderful responses. Thank you!

I’ve created this video blog in response to a real issue that someone told me about, which touched me greatly.

It was a musician (I will call him Andrew) who put his heart and soul into making an album that nobody bought. That’s tough.

As a creative myself, I know EXACTLY how it feels when you’re trying your best to get your beloved projects out there. When you push hard to succeed, but things don’t turn out the way you wanted.
The knock on affect on our confidence, and on our self belief, can be hard.

I love the tenacity of creative people and it thrills me to see people caring enough about themselves and their passions to keep on going. And Andrew, I want you to keep going too… which is what this blog is all about.

Click here to watch the video and do please leave a comment afterwards – or let me know your thoughts.  I LOVE hearing from you.


And, what about you?

What do you do to connect back to your passion?  Do leave a comment below.

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Do you struggle to finish projects?

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Don’t you find that being creative is both a blessing and a curse?

If you are anything like me, you are brilliant at starting projects, but hopeless at either finishing them or sharing them once they’re done.

Somehow, nothing ever seems quite brilliant enough. I constantly criticise what I’ve done, and the whole episode leads to the curse of procrastination.

I’m on a mission to get more talented creative people to complete their most important work and share it with the world.  I believe that creative talent is a gift that is useless, unless we are able to give pleasure to others. I’ve made this video today to ask for your honesty and your feedback.

It will help me to develop a group programme called Trailblazers – which is an exciting project which will start in the new year. 

Please share this with your brilliant creative friends who you suspect may be stalling their talents.


How to change a bad habit

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013



You start the day with good intentions.  You make a strong, black coffee, pop open your lap top and start typing that important chapter you want to finish.  Before long, a seductive message appears on your twitter feed, sending you into a tunnel of distractions.

It’s 11.30, you’ve learnt about dating habits in Mongolia, but you haven’t got much further with that chapter.

Recognise this pattern? Home working, particularly, can be a labyrinth of distractions.

The tendency to be thrown off course is the whiffy smell of ‘self sabotage’.  We know in that moment that we shouldn’t distract ourselves, but somehow, it feels impossible to stop.

So, how do you stop?

The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy!

Here is a simple formula that I teach to my clients:

First, you get awareness of when you’re doing the pattern, you learn why you’re doing it and then develop new strategies to override it.

In short, to change a bad habit, you need to create a good habit.

Step 1

Pick one bad habit.  Consider which habit you have that really gets in your way of success.

Ask yourself “what is the benefit of me currently doing this habit?”

For example:  Perhaps you over commit to many projects and become overwhelmed.  By putting lots of things in your diary, it can stop you from completing anything.  The benefit of this is that it stops you from needing to show anybody – so therefore; the benefit is that you will never fail!

Step 2

Now ask yourself: “What is the benefit to me if I change this habit?”

Consider all the possibilities if you changed this habit.

Imagine what your life would be like if you no longer had this habit? What would life be like? 

Step 3

Now – strategy time. Let’s get creative.

What could be a specific new habit that could override your current behaviour?

For example:

If you’re old habit is to put too much in the diary – it may be to limit it to three things a day.  Or if your habit is to get distracted by Twitter, it may be to only check Twitter from 2pm every day.

My favourite is to make your new habit fun.  So, avoiding punishment and finding a pleasurable new habit.  For example: If you’re old habit is to stay in bed past 9am, then a pleasurable new habit may be to treat yourself to a frothy coffee if you make it up by 7.30am.


The easiest way to change a habit is to link it with an existing behaviour, so that the new habit gets triggered easily.  For example, if you wanted to remember to exercise every morning – it would help if you had an alarm feature in your phone, which gives you a message.  Or that you had your yoga mat ready every night before you go to sleep, so it is the first thing you see in the morning.

Over to you

So – what habit will you change this week?  What will you do to override it?

Do write a comment below please.  Letting other people know is a commitment in itself. 😉






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