Who cancelled your dreams?


Have you ever had an inkling to do something bold, but shrugged it off?  

Or started a project with passion, only for it to peter out?

Annoying isn’t it?

The question is…why? Why do you avoid pursuing the things that really matter to you?

Is it a lack of confidence? A fear of looking stupid? Or do you have so many ideas, you simply don’t know where to start?

The real reason may be that you’re close to doing something that’s vital to your growth and those projects that you can’t seem to start may be the very projects that you really need to do.

That’s certainly the view of Steven Pressfield, writer of ‘Do the Work’ and ‘The War of Art’. He describes this annoying conundrum as ‘resistance’ and that it is a fate that all human beings cope with. He says:

The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel towards pursuing it”. 

Every artist and entrepreneur experiences resistance and manages the battle to overcome procrastination, self doubt and the abuse of the loud inner critic. 

That means that you’re not alone and your resistance is normal. 

My request to you is that you learn to recognise your favourite ways of sabotaging yourself and you also commit to doing battle with it on a daily basis. 

If you allow resistance to sabotage your growth, then you will never fulfil your real potential. Don’t allow your inner gremlins and self criticism to diminish your brilliance and don’t take on work you hate and live a life of compromise.

The more you tackle your resistance, the bigger the rewards will be.

  • If you’re overwhelmed with options – you can learn to decide
  • If your chattering mind endlessly tells you that you’re not talented enough – remember, you are being sabotaged by the world’s harshest critic – your resistance
  • If you start projects and never follow through, the question is:  

What difference would it make if you could change these habits?  

That’s all resistance ends up being – habits.  

Habits can be changed and you really can succeed.  

If you’re prepared to do the work.

So, want to make a start? Here is a handy four step guide:

Step 1 

What are the projects or creative work that would you love to do, but keep putting off? What are those projects that you struggle the most with getting started?  (The projects we most resist are normally the most important ones to pursue).

Step 2

Identify your favourite ways to avoid doing the very thing that you want to do. Then make a conscious choice to stop this habit.

Step 3

Get started on doing your most important work. It’s simple, but by starting, you’re already overcoming resistance.  The loud voices will quieten, the procrastination is gone because you’re doing your work.

By changing this habit on a daily basis, you are moving towards being a person that will fulfil their potential.  

Step 4

Share your dreams with others. By committing to telling people about what you are doing, you’re changing your reality.

Perhaps start by leaving me a comment below?

Finally – If you feel like stepping up a gear, fancy some support? That’s where a coach, a bit like me, can give you a bit of tough love, encouragement, cheering from the sidelines.  





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