What’s Your Brand Story? – Launch of Trailblazer Tribe


Hi gang,

For the past couple of months, Bev and I have been sharing ideas about how to create great content, gain clarity and the power of storytelling.

Now we have decided to open the doors to our first ever event for our online community, Trailblazer Tribe, and we’d love you to be there.

If you want to come along, book soon as places are limited. Click HERE to buy your tickets.

The lowdown

Date and time: Thursday 19th April @ 6.30pm (until around 10pm)
Venue: King’s Head Private Members Club, 257 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AS
Tickets: £10 early bird (until 5th April, then £15)

What’s going to happen

  • A mini workshop by Bev and myself on the Trailblazing Archetypes* and how to use them to define your brand story.
  • Stories from an artist, photographer and a fashion psychologist who are all members of the community.
  • Mingle with other like-minded creatives – from actors, designers to creative directors and musicians.

More on our storytellers

  • Artist Pearl Bates creates fantasy paintings, writes a daily blog and brings stories and magic into her artwork.
  • Positive psychologist Rebecca Weef Smith creates conversations around fashion and flourishing and is on the launch team of a new magazine called Goldie.
  • Photographer Lisa Bretherick believes that photography is a means of creating art through emotions, personalities and flavours of life.

What is Trailblazer Tribe?

An online community of ambitious creatives who want the freedom to do the work they love and live a life on their own terms. To attend the event, you must be a member of the Facebook group. You can ask to join here:

Our vision

  • To ensure that creative people honour their unique gifts and create work that is heartfelt, engaging and uncompromising.
  • To help creative people share their stories and become well known for the work they love.
  • To create a positive and inspiring community of creative professionals who will support each other and form collaborative partnerships.


Who can attend?

The event is aimed at creatives who are self-employed or work in the creative industries and wish to progress their career or business.

Who is perceived as a creative?

Traditionally, we mean artists who create work to share with the world, from photographers, directors and actors to writers and graphic designers.  We also welcome creative people whose work has a positive impact in the world.

*Trailblazing Archetypes
This is a tool we have created to help identify the energy you lead with as a creative. To get the most out of the workshop, you’ll need to take the quiz first to discover your primary and secondary archetypes. You can sign up here:

We look forward to meeting you on April 19th! Book your place HERE.

Nicky Moran and Beverley Glick


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