The passion I nearly forgot


As a coach for creatives, I’m always encouraging people to follow their passions in life. It’s essential for health and wellbeing and it’s also important for your career. If you only focus on making money or building up your profile, then you can easily leave your heart behind.

Ironically, I recently discovered that I hadn’t been following mine. If you watch the video blog, you’ll discover why.

What passion projects are you forgetting to prioritise in life? I challenge you to reclaim your heart and make them central to your life and career.

6 Responses

  1. This really resonates with me! I’ve been feeling really one dimensional with all my focus on work and none on music, harmony and creative expression. This is a good kick up the backside; thanks Nicky xx

  2. Thank you for your encouragements to keep in touch with the joyful aspects of life! I need reminders around this because there is so much to be getting on with every day.

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