The creative stars of lockdown


It’s day nine of lockdown in London and I’ve been watching the world change from a place of both disbelief and wonder. My heart is breaking and opening at the same time; it’s a weird experience.

I’ve found it fascinating to observe how people are responding to this crisis. Some share hilarious videos showing the absurdity of what we are going through. Others share important information to educate and instruct.

What’s touched me the most has been the response by some of the creatives in my network – the sheer desire to bring some joy and love through their creative expression.

So I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.

Home concert with Georgia Van Etten

Last Thursday, a dear friend, Georgia Van Etten, who has the most incredible blues voice I’ve ever heard, decided to put on a Facebook concert from her bedroom, with her musician boyfriend. She had been working for months to create an EP and then had a UK tour cancelled. Of course it was heartbreaking, but I was so touched that she chose to channel some energy into continuing the tour in these times of isolation.

She sings a mix of songs from Bond films and her own tunes. I was so uplifted by the beauty of her voice and the sweetness of this little gig, I wanted to share it with you.

Click here:Georgia’s Gig


Choir from home with Lilli Unwin

Another incredible singer/songwriter and teacher, Lilli Unwin, who leads a choir in London, transferred it to an online platform last week. I was able to sing along with Lilli, her family and friends in the comfort of my bubble bath, I sang in harmony and was so touched by her determination to use her talents to bring us joy.  She’s running regular sessions, so if you want to join her choir, click here: Lilli’s Choir:


Lilli has a stunning voice and she is sharing some of her solo songs on her facebook page which you can check out here:Lilli Unwin Facebook.


Spontaneous Yoga

Where I live in London, I have been chatting away to my neighbours from our balconies.  One day, we decided to do an impromptu yoga session in the grass area between our flats – 2 metres apart, of course. One of my neighbours, it turns out, is a local yoga teacher, and she’s been teaching a little class for us each day ever since. I can see this turning into a regular session where our creative community can offer their gifts to keep our neighbourhood uplifted.

Lockdown Urban Sketches

If you are an artist, then get inspiration from this group.  My partner has been doing little sketches in his notepad every day of scenes inside our home and sharing them with a community of artists on this Facebook community Urban Sketches. They are all  channelling their energies into making art from isolation and appreciating each other’s efforts.  You can join the group here: Urban Sketches Group.


Creating a podcast – Jake Moran

Finally, I’m a proud aunty.   My 21-year-old nephew Jake Moran created the second episode of a podcast, where he interviews one of his old school friends, pop musician Callum Crighton. It’s a really thoughtful conversation where they share their perspectives on how they’ve grown confidence through developing art. I think it’s great that having time at home has created some inspiration to develop work to inspire and help others.  Do check out this episode here: Podcast: Confidence is a preference.


Thank you!

There have been many other examples this week.

I want to thank all the creatives out there who are bringing us alive, keeping us in touch with our emotions and bringing us joy. We need you more than ever.

If you have done something creative this week and would like me to share it, then please post it underneath my blog.

I’d love it if, beneath this post, you would share links to other stories of creative expression so we can appreciate the amazing creatives out there.

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