Want more presence? This exercise will help…


“I wish I could feel more myself when I meet people in my industry”.
“I hate networking”

This is the phrase I hear more than anything when I meet creative people who wish to move their careers to another level. Most of us find it uncomfortable meeting influential people, even though we would love to work with them. We want to be ourselves, but we come across as everything but relaxed and authentic.

In my blog today, I want to teach you that anyone can have presence and it’s a skill that you can practice so that when you meet someone you wish to build a relationship with, you can be more comfortable with them. It’s simply a mindset that can be learnt.

I teach the simplest technique that you can use whenever you need to feel calmer and to radiate warmth and presence.

When you have more presence, you are more likely to attract people towards you and create opportunities to build relationships.

I would love to know how you got on with the exercise – do leave me a comment below!

Hope you enjoy it. 😉

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