How to Network with Bigwigs and My Award


Have you ever met someone famous or senior in your industry, who could change the course of your career if only you could build a relationship with them?

Yet – you find it impossible to be normal around them.  Perhaps you end up trying too hard, trying to impress them, or maybe you become tongue-tied?

This week’s blog will give you three tips for overcoming the gremlins that occur in these situations.

Also – my exciting news is that I am in the final for an award to be ‘Trainer of the Year’.  I’m thrilled to make it to the final and it would mean such a lot to me to win.

I wondered if you would be kind enough to vote for me? If you think the tips are helpful, also to share the winning page with your friends?  It should only take a couple of minutes.

The deadline is this coming Friday 28th Feb.

Every vote will make a big difference. Here is the link – and thanks!


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