How to sustain a long term acting career – Josh Pais


This interview is is with successful Hollywood actor, Josh Pais, on his journey in the industry. He has been in a wide range of films, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Law and Order and more recently, Ray Donovan.

The interview is from my archives, when I was researching how creative people from different industries were able to sustain a successful career in the long term and what they did to get their breaks.

I was fascinated by Josh, because not only has he sustained a successful career in acting over the long term, he is also entrepreneurial. He has an alternative income from his business ‘Committed Impulse’ where he helps actors to overcome audition anxiety and to learn to have more presence.

Josh is an inspiration and a lovely man!  If you’re an actor and want to check out his workshops, here is the link:

Hope you enjoy it.

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