How to overcome social media shyness and promote your art




If you’re anything like me, social media and self promotion can be really taxing. I know I have to do it, because I run a business, but the thought of flaunting my wares on the world are not as appealing as I’d like it to be.

In today’s video blog, I chat to my co-writer, rock journalist Bev Glick, who coined the term ‘New Romantics in the 80s

In the middle of writing a chapter on social media, we both admitted that we really hate doing it. We both acknowledged that we felt self conscious and shy and therefore tended to do the minimum.

We describe a simple process that we developed to help us become more bold and confident using social media, and you can here the lowdown right here!!

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  1. Thanks for those ideas – I think I’m shyer on social media than I am in person which in itself is kind-of an achievement.

    I think part of it is the thought that the whole world is looking at whatever I post even though I know in reality it’s likely to be in single digits (at least at first). So I guess some sort of reframe would be a good way to change the approach.

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