Thrive Community

For creatives who want success on their own terms 

Be the bravest version of you

If you’re a freelance creative, artist or company owner who has a desire to get more out of your time, energy and life – then this group programme is ideal for you.

Thrive is a membership community and coaching programme that helps you to think deeply about who you are and what you really want.  It will support you to design a life reflecting your values and take the steps you need to be successful in the direction that will give you the most life satisfaction.

Led by creative coach and mentor, Nicky Moran, it’s designed to support creative professionals to improve their productivity, develop professionally and be the most confident version of themselves.


  • Every 12 weeks – you set clear goals that feel meaningful for your ideal life
  • Each quarter has an inspiring theme, with skills and challenges to help you grow as a creative leader
  • The programme is structured to keep you accountable with weekly planning sessions, buddy support and a clear deadline.
  • Attend weekly group sessions with Nicky Moran, or catch up afterwards.
  • Share learnings and connect with others in an intimate Facebook community
  • At the end of each quarter – celebrate and share your work with other creatives


Spring: April – June

Confidence & Connections

In this phase, as well as defining the goals that are most important to you, we’ll also explore how to cultivate your own inner confidence, so that you can take more risks, ask for support or express yourself with ease. When you have confidence, you feel more empowered to share your work, reach out and build connections to enable you to build your creative practice.

Who it’s for

  • You are naturally driven to make things happen, but often get overwhelmed with all your projects and ideas.
  • You love collaborating, so working alone can feel very isolating.
  • You want to achieve so much more, yet you get thrown off course with perfectionism or being hard on yourself.
  • Life can feel like you’re constantly running for the bus – you want to stop feeling a constant state of mild panic.

No doubt, you want to…

  • Manage your time better so you feel more in charge of your life.
  • Enjoy your evenings or weekends without feeling guilty about things you haven’t done.
  • Feel more relaxed and in control of your life as opposed to feeling on edge.
  • Maintain meaningful connections to other great people.

If you have a strong desire to feel part of a friendly community of other creatives, who are also dedicated to developing their practice, then this is a great option for you.

How can Thrive Tribe support you?

This group programme, led by creative coach Nicky Moran, is about shifting habits so that you put your most fulfilling and important work at the centre of your world.

Many creative people end up feeling less fulfilled because they are not investing enough time or energy into harnessing their deepest talents. Life can take over, we work to pay the bills or simply struggle to prioritise what’s important.

In Thrive, you’ll shift that pattern and become more focused and clear.

Productivity isn’t just about making lists and ticking them off, it’s about managing your mindset, resistance and fear of failure too.

How it works

  • The programme is divided into 4 x 12 week blocks to help you clarify and achieve goals.
  • Every 12 weeks, you’ll be able to set some clear goals to help you achieve the bigger goals that you’ll clarify at the start of your journey.
  • In each block, there will be a different focus and I will be delivering a different topic each month, to help you develop personally and professionally as a creative professional.

Weekly and monthly sessions

  • Every Monday, you’ll plan and structure your week with a group of creatives – which is more motivating than being alone.
  • Each week, you’ll learn new strategies and techniques to help you manage your time, energy levels and build personal confidence. You’ll also be challenged to take bigger risks to move your practice forward and you’ll have accountability and support from others in the group.
  • Every month you’ll take time out to plan the month ahead, celebrate your successes and remind yourself that you’re moving your career and business in the direction you desire. .
  • You’ll be part of our tribe of dynamic and supportive creative collaborators who you can bounce ideas off of.


  • Getting more done each day and each week.
  • Clarity on your work and life priorities and the skills to transform your results.
  • Increased confidence and fulfilment at the end of each day
  • Feeling more focused and a regular sense of achievement
  • The ability to take time off to do other things – like a holiday or have a relaxing evening

The sessions have helped me to be more assertive, set priorities, plan my year, month, week and days. I became more organised and structured and that became a habit now.

Jenny – Theatre Maker

Nicky’s sessions kick started me into properly committing to playing the guitar.  She provided inspiration, accountability and positive challenge in her sessions.  Nicky is passionate and her love for her clients makes all the difference.  I am now playing to a standard that a year ago I would not have thought possible.  Thank you so much…your coaching has helped me immensely!

Rob Gibbs, Coach and Mindfulness Trainer

The group get together every Monday works really well and even though I do my plan and diary for the week ahead over the weekend, a meeting and planning with ‘real’ people is so motivating. It’s also empowering realising that I’m not the only one out there getting overwhelmed by lots of projects and being part of a creative group that are going through similar things to myself.

Helen – Writer

I’ve been really missing structure in my life and the motivation to continue to pursue soulful goals. I was drawn to Mindful Productivity as a way of developing better working habits and as a supportive structure that might give me a much needed creative boost. 

Amy Conway – Theatre Maker

The weekly sessions are a brilliant way to start the week. It’s all very well trying to be mindful about the week ahead, taking time to make a plan and consider your priorities, but it rarely happens for me when I’m left to my own devices. Having a session devoted to writing a monthly plan made a real difference to my approach and attitude to my work this month.

Lilli Unwin – Singer Songwriter

The programme is helping me go a bit further and dig deeper which is making me find out more about myself and what my ultimate goal ‘wish list’ is.

Ric Sai – Photographer

Winter: January – March

Dreaming, Clarity and Fulfilment

In the first three months, we’ll go through a process to help you define what you really want for the year ahead, build a plan and get into powerful habits to bring your plan to life.

By the end of March, you’ll have completed a chunk of work that sets you up for your ideal goals for the year.

Spring: April – June

Confidence & Connections

In this phase, as well as defining the goals that are most important to you, we’ll also explore how to cultivate your own inner confidence, so that you can take more risks, ask for support or express yourself with ease. When you have confidence, you feel more empowered to share your work, reach out and build connections to enable you to build your creative practice.

Summer: July – September

Creative Adventures

As this is holiday season, we’ll be exploring how to live a life where we are braver in our self-expression and build the muscle of prioritising your own creative expression.

You may wish to choose a passion project to develop over the summer, or take a creative life risk.  Perhaps you pack up and live by the sea for a couple of months, hire a camper van or move country.  Let’s keep your creative heart alive with a journey that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone.

Autumn: October – December

Completions & Wellbeing

Life is a journey, but the best journeys are when we complete well. In this final phase, we’ll be completing the projects we set out that feel important to gain fulfilment. We reflect, learn lessons and ensure that we end the year in good health and with a sense of satisfaction.

Prices until midnight on 2 April 2021

3 months – £150

12 months – £400 (Includes a 30-minute coaching session if you pay in full.)

12 months = £7.60 a week

Prices from 3 April 2021:

3 months – £165

12 months – £500

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