Confidence and Connections

This phase of the membership looks at growing your confidence and building powerful connections.

As creative practitioners – our impact on the world depends on how bravely we feel we can express our ideas and share them with others. We’ll be learning how to skilfully manage our tendencies to be perfectionist, self-critical and self-sabotaging. Instead, we’ll look at how to step into the wiser, confident version of ourselves when we need to be.

This version of ourselves feels at ease speaking about our work, charging money and knows when it’s time to take time out to take care of ourselves. We will learn how to build confidence through standing up for our values and living more truthfully.

Workshop 1 – Tuesday 6 April 2021 11am – 12.30pm

Welcoming new members and clarity for the months ahead

  • Purpose of Thrive
  • How to get most out of the membership
  • Community principles
  • Structures and handouts
  • Visioning exercise

Workshop 2 – Monday 12 April 9.30-11am

Priorities, planning and building your network

This workshop will help you map out the next few weeks for your creative practice. There will be an additional focus on networking.

Where do you want to be and who do you need in your network to help you to grow?

We’ll be exploring different types of mentors, collaboration partners, press and hiring people.

Workshop 3  – Tuesday 4th May

Growing Confidence

This workshop will explore confidence.  How it grows when we have clarity on our purpose and how we can live in alignment with our values. We’ll also look at the role of embodied confidence – and how to step into being more powerful when we need to speak up.  Confidence on stage, in networking situations or dealing with clients.

Workshop 4 – Monday 7 June 9.30

Communicate with clarity and Impact

When someone asks you what you do, what do you say? Is it clear, is it engaging?

This session will look at our communication and how to be memorable and clear we are when we meet people. We will explore – what you really want to be known for, what sort of jobs do you want to be associated with. We will also bring in how to incorporate stories into your communication so that when you describe what you do, the result may be ‘I know someone who needs that’.

Completion of Spring Programme – 29 June 9-10.30

In this session, we’ll come together in small groups to share something we’ve learnt or achieved during this 12 week phase.  This powerful process will help you to reflect on the journey and recognise the achievements.  Completions are important for building ongoing confidence.

Weekly zoom meetings

Start with focus, end with positivity

The membership is designed to get you into great habits to prioritise and do your most important work.  It’s also to help you recognise small achievements along the way, so that you can see your progression.

Mondays – planning and productivity sessions

When there isn’t a workshop, we meet early on Monday morning to plan the week and complete a chunk of work.  You can arrive at any time between 8.30 and 10.30.

Every 30 minutes, we set a goal and work for 25 minutes with focus.





Wednesdays – Mindfulness with Rob

9.00am Join Rob Gibbs for a mindful mid week session. We spend 30 minutes of mindful breathing, body work and bringing focus to the day ahead.

Friday – Inspiration share

4.30-5pm.  Join us to share something inspiring from the week.  This can be something that you’re proud of – overcoming a setback, winning a piece of work or a milestone that you’ve reached.  Otherwise, you can share something that inspired you.  A quote, a piece of music or a great book. This session reinforces the positive aspects of the week – and reminds you of what you’re achieving.

Member spotlight

It’s great to learn from each other. In our Friday slot, we will often feature members who have had a success.  We will explore how they achieved their success and what they learnt along the way.

Previous sessions featured include how I got my ideal job, how I got a celebrity mentor, how I shifted my niche during covid.

Group Pods

It’s so useful to share with other people in the same professions as you.  You will have the option to join a smaller pod for extra support.