Welcome – Thrive – day 1

Make time to create work for its own sake, rather than to further your career. This simple step will reconnect you back to the source of your work and your passion.

1. Start with Passion

When money becomes a battle – (the inner war of artists)

Creatives are not normally motivated by money. However, the need for money can stop many from fully using their creative potential or progressing towards a career they truly desire.

It’s all too easy to lose connection with your deepest desires through the years of juggling projects to pay the bills or please clients. Purpose and meaning are the soul food you need to help you develop your best work.

If you’re directed by your innate creative passions, you can navigate your career in the direction that will give you long-term, lasting fulfilment. As you start to prioritise the work that brings you the most joy and develop your skills in your sweet spot, you’ll grow in confidence and form a deeper connection with your work.

Once you reconnect and create work or personal projects from your passion, you’ll develop a clearer sense of purpose for any work you undertake. It affects everything – your energy, your motivation levels, the way you communicate. You’ll attract more opportunities because passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

Exercise: Rediscover your passions

Use these questions as a guide to sync back with your passions:

  • What do you love doing for its own sake?
  • List a couple of work or life situations where you feel the most fulfilled and inspired.
  • Which aspects of these roles do you love the most? What is the best part?
  • What are you naturally fascinated by?

Exercise 2 – Big vision thinking

Imagine it’s one year from today and you have created the best possible career you could ever have imagined for yourself. You are doing something that really excites you. Just take some time to reflect on this. If you were enjoying your ultimate career, what would it be like?

  • What would you be doing day to day?
  • Who would you be working with?
  • What sort of environment?
  • What would your successes be?

So that’s all for lesson 1.  I hope it gave you some clarity on what most drives your inspiration.  Even if you’ve been a creative for 30 years, this one reminder can connect you back with what matters most.

Throughout the week, we will look at various topics. If you’d like to go more deeply into any of the aspects we cover.

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