Corporate Client Testimonials

Daniel Loizos, Environments and Release Specialist – Credit Suisse

Nicky is exceptional at putting clients into a state of mind where they can visualise their goals and then plan the routes to success. Her attitude creates an atmosphere where accomplishment is possible and enjoyable. I enjoyed her sessions so much that I recommended her to three of my friends. I will keep recommending Nicky as she has really helped.

Barbara Leishman, SPCC Coordinator – Scottish Patient Safety Programme

I was wandering aimlessly through life and work weighed down by the burden of it all just making a living. I had no clear path, ambition buried deep alongside my confidence and my voice; life and its events had taken their toll. The difference Nicky’s input has made to my life has been wonderful. My confidence, voice and ambition have been recovered and I have a career and life path again. I am more focused and effective at work, I’ve taken on new challenges and projects and most importantly, the feeling I have fitting into my own skin at last is indescribable and the sky’s the limit. Nicky guides empathically as she helps peel away the layers. She’s intuitive and her skill of pinning down a person’s standards, beliefs and value systems is uncanny. She always works with me within my own perspective and knows exactly what I need to do to make the best of me. I wasn’t allowed to slack but was challenged and nurtured appropriately, every moment of our sessions utilised to the max. I am very grateful to Nicky her knowledge, wisdom and experience. I’ve loved every minute of it working with Nicky and I intend to continue to do so whenever possible. Thanks Nicky, you’ve been inspiring!

Sayiidah Stone, Assistant Director – Lambeth Council

Nicky is a coach that put me at considerable ease and has really helped me to develop tools that I can use in all aspects of my life. I worry less about the things which aren’t that important, I go with gut instinct more and I am more confident in myself. She is easy to work with and very motivational- if you are looking for a coach I would thoroughly recommend Nicky.

Zoe Sharp, Project Manager – NHS

Nicky is amazing, inspirational, personable, a role model, calm, thoughtful, modest and humorous! She has an incredible ability to make me feel at ease even when I am out of my comfort zone. Coaching is like no other experience or developmental opportunity you’ll ever experience. Every session is tailored to your needs. It is entirely positive and rather self indulgent!

Debbie Ratu, Management Consultant

Nicky has inspired me to start my own business and has given me the courage, the confidence and the belief to carry this through. I now believe I am capable of much more, that I do have the relevant skills to move on with exciting ventures and the capacity to control my own future. I can’t thank Nicky enough for helping me out of ‘box’ and enabling me to see such an exciting bigger picture. She helped me to be aware of how I presented myself in a negative way; I learned how to act and speak more confidently, even if I didn’t feel it. I learnt some really good techniques for managing my negativity and putting things into perspective. This was a hugely helpful and amazing talent of Nicky’s. I got myself into so many tailspins and she could always talk me out of them, and put a positive spin onto it! I am now far more aware of my strengths and why these are important to the way I am. Being able to articulate the positives being far more open to exploring my opinions confidently.

Sarah Walker, Project Manager, NHS

Coaching has been really quite a profound experience. I was hopeful and positive about it from the start, but it has far exceeded my expectations. I would never have thought you could form such a supportive relationship with a complete stranger, put your life in their hands so to speak and learn so much. Nicky is Fabulous – a Fairy Godmother. I call a telephone number once a month and there is this friendly, jolly, probing, supportive, questioning person at the end of the line who listens 100% . Nicky is realistic and honest with me, which has worked beautifully. Nicky has challenged me to the point of feeling very uncomfortable or even crying on occasion, but this is exactly what I needed to really get into the nitty gritty of what makes me tick. Without getting to these depths I wouldn’t have discovered so much about myself, and then been able to use his knowledge to make changes to my life. If ever you get the chance, do it. As long as you throw yourself into it and deal with whatever surfaces – however good or uncomfortable this makes you feel. You will gain so much. Nicky helps you peel back layers to get to the core of the person, brings clarity to situations, and enables you to deal with challenges to get the best results, whatever they may be. I would never, ever had thought that I would have had such a journey and be able to make so many changes, some small, some quite significant that would have such a positive effect on my life, both at home and at work.