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Trailblazing PRTrailblazing PR is an exciting project that I’m collaborating on with storytelling expert Beverley Glick.  It is aimed at helping ambitious creative to go bigger on their own terms.

We have just launched our first podcast and the book is on its way.  See the journey unfold below.

Diary Date – 16 February 2016

Diary Date 18 February 2016

If you’re anything like me, social media and self promotion can be really taxing. I know I have to do it, because I run a business, but the thought of flaunting my wares on the world are not as appealing as I’d like it to be.

In today’s video blog, I chat to my co-writer, rock journalist Bev Glick, who coined the term ‘New Romantics in the 80s

In the middle of writing a chapter on social media, we both admitted that we really hate doing it. We both acknowledged that we felt self conscious and shy and therefore tended to do the minimum.

We describe a simple process that we developed to help us become more bold and confident using social media, and you can here the lowdown right here!!

Diary date Wednesday 6th April 2016


Trailblazing PR Workshop – Coming Soon!

Learn to raise your profile while retaining your integrity

You love what you do. You’re dedicated to your art and yet you’re just getting by.

You’d like a bigger profile, be recognised for your talents and yet, the idea of self-promotion makes you squirm.

You may do it, reluctantly, but find it awkward. Or, you may avoid it, seeing PR as about being pushy, disingenuous or doing attention-grabbing stunts.

Although there are well-publicised examples of artists who have hit the headlines in this way,you don’t need to sell your soul to get recognition.

In fact, we believe that the best self-promoters are the artists that know how to be authentic and talk passionately about the meaning behind their work. It’s why we are dedicating a brand new workshop to focus on ‘authentic PR’, which is aimed at helping you gain recognition by being more boldly you – led by myself and broadsheet journalist/editor, Beverley Glick. We are on a mission to help London’s most talented creatives make the most of the free publicity.

We know from experience that artists that don’t invest time in PR may have talent, but get overlooked because they are not well known. We want to help ambitious but frustrated creatives gain the profile and the jobs they deserve.

Feedback from previous events:

“Practical, inspirational, entertaining, well structured and authentic.  High quality information from credible and trustworthy trainers.”

Clare McCaldin – Opera Singer

“The workshop reassured me that we all have a unique story and there is a ready audience waiting for us to step onto the stage.  Both facilitators showed genuine enthusiasm that they wanted us to do well”.

Tom Morley – Drummer and Inventor

“Jam packed with practical information which we used to take our own stories on quite an amazing journey. I feel a new sense of clarity and the direction to plan my next year.”

Sarah Hyndman – Graphic Designer and Typographic Mischief Maker

“This workshop was delivered by experts.  Loved the chance to get personal feedback. Direct and instantly useful.

Sarah Howells – Lead singer of Paper Aeorplanes

“A warm and stimulating environment with a step by step approach to address the challenges and demands of being effective in the world of PR.” 

Rona Steinberg – Out Loud Life Coach


IMG_9896_2About us

Nicky Moran (right) is an award winning trainer with a background in music PR and radio journalism.  Beverley Glick is a former music journalist and editor who now works for a national broadsheet.



Trailblazing PR Workshop Overview


This one-day workshop is a practical and empowering launchpad for creative people who are ready to take their careers to a new level and wish to be featured in the press.


The aim of the workshop is to help you make your mark on the world by promoting yourself with bold authenticity, replacing the old paradigm that you have to use hype or gimmicks to get attention.


It will teach you how to communicate clearly about who you are and how to tell stories about your work in a way that gets attention.


You will learn how to build relationships with journalists, how to write compelling press releases and how to manage your profile, so that you are featured in a way that reflects your authentic voice.


What You’ll Learn:

            •           Your trailblazing story

Define the essence and meaning behind your work, so that your promotion has heart.

            •           What life’s like in the press room

Learn about the day in the life of a journalist, how to build trust with them, and how to influence the right journalists to tell your story.

            •           What makes for a trailblazing story

Discover what makes a story hot and what not.

            •           How to find a year’s worth of content

Get tons of great ideas to highlight different facets of your brand and personality.

            •           How to write a press release that stands out

Learn the structure and components of a good press release, and how to make it clear, concise and compelling.

Trainer Biographies

Nicky Moran

Nicky helps creative professionals to take their careers to a new level doing the work that truly matters to them. She has spent many years supporting musicians, photographers, performers and artists to take bold steps to create work that is a full expression of their integrity. With a background in music PR and BBC radio journalism, she uses her expertise to help her clients to promote themselves more boldly.

Beverley Glick

For 15 years, Beverley contributed to the pop cultural narrative of the UK as a music writer and magazine editor, reviewing concerts and albums, interviewing bands and creating stories that plugged into the zeitgeist – most notably the New Romantics and the electronic music boom of the early Eighties. Some of her articles are archived at

She chronicled the rise and fall of many popular artists, including Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Soft Cell.  In the Nineties she moved to Fleet Street, working first for The Observer, then The Sunday Telegraph and The Sunday Express – writing, editing and commissioning stories for those newspapers’ magazine and features sections. Beverley now works as a story archaeologist and coach, helping small business owners and creatives to mine the personal stories that will help them spread their authentic message. 

We are in the process of writing a book at the moment.

If you want to be added to the list for when the date of the next workshop is confirmed, please send an email to and say ‘Trailblazing PR waiting list’