Storytelling for Self-Promotion

If you’re an ambitious creative who would love a bigger profile, join our Trailblazer Tribe community and our online training.


Are you an ambitious creative who’s hungry​ for more success and a life on your own terms?

The key is to gain a bigger profile and reach the people who matter.​

​Here’s where to start. ​

Our practical online programme is designed to teach you the fundamentals of how to raise your profile through storytelling so that you can raise your profile in an authentic way.

Facilitated by creative career coach, and former PR, Nicky Moran and storytelling expert and former music journalist Beverley Glick, you will learn how to build a narrative around your work so that you can build a personal brand that makes you stand out from your competition.

The programme consists of five webinar training sessions which will be recorded. This means that you can attend live, or listen afterwards.  You will be given storytelling challenges, so that you can put the learning into practice straight away and build a following.

You’ll get personal feedback and coaching on what is unique about you and help you develop meaningful content that you can use to raise your profile in blogs and social media or to get press coverage.

The overall aim of the workshop is to teach you that, done well, self-promotion can be satisfying and an extension of your creative expression.

“This workshop was delivered by experts. I loved the chance to get personal feedback that was direct and instantly useful.”
Sarah Howells – lead singer of Paper Aeroplanes

Workshop outcomes

  • To clarify your bigger purpose so you can be bolder with your career
  • To develop a portfolio of stories that promote your work
  • To learn how to use archetype energy to help you stand out
  • To discover how a journalist thinks and how to get featured in the press
  • To pitch stories without coming across as pushy

Long-term outcomes

  • Be bolder with your career or business
  • Find your edge, stand out, be noticed in your industry
  • Gain more of the work you love
  • Be in charge of your own story
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Feel inspired and energised
  • Find success on your own terms

Looking through the lens of your Trailblazing Archetype, you’ll also discover what’s captivating about you and your work, how to turn this into a story, and how to pitch it so that journalists want to write about you and you get more followers on social media.


Who is the programme aimed at?
Professional artists who make and sell their own work (or are in the process of developing a body of work).
Performers who would like to build their profile.

Creatives who work in a corporate environment who wish to progress their careers.
Creative entrepreneurs who sell products or services (e.g. chefs, graphic designers, coaches, yoga teachers, small business owners).
People who are passionate about their work.

Who is the programme not for?
People who just want to be rich and famous!  Our programme is ideal for people who tend to shy away from the limelight, but have authentic work to share.

Do I have to have a service or product to sell?
No – the course can help you get an idea off the ground. The material we teach will give you a head start when you are ready to do promotion.

How is this course different to other self-promotion courses?
Other PR or marketing courses often teach a box-ticking process of ‘how to promote yourself’. Our approach offers strategies but focuses first and foremost on who you are as an individual and how to develop an awareness of your unique personality. This builds confidence from the inside out so that you can feel more authentic when you communicate.

Will there be any embarrassing exercises? I’m afraid of sharing my work?
There will be opportunities to share your stories and work with the group in a facebook community, but these are always voluntary. You can participate as much or as little as you want.

I’m not sure I’m a creative? Do I need to be an artist?
The course is aimed at creative professionals, artists or performers. We believe that entrepreneurs who offer services such as coaching, yoga or food are also creative. If you need help selling your services, then we welcome you.


Nicky Moran

Nicky is an award-winning coach and trainer. For the past six years she has been helping creative professionals take their careers to a new level. Known for her ‘rocket-fuel energy’, she empowers musicians, photographers, performers and artists to take bold steps to create a career that they feel passionate about. She started out as a singer before becoming a broadcast journalist, music PR and even a flirt coach before working in the corporate world as a training consultant. She brings a business-savvy attitude, charm and a deep desire to help her clients believe in themselves and create their dreams.


“Nicky is excellent – insightful, efficient and intuitive with a real ear for where to focus. She is incredibly easy to get along with – very charming and personable. What is great too is that it becomes clear that what really inspires her is how she loves her clients and wants them to have the best life possible. Her enthusiasm is contagious. We laughed a lot!”

Greg Haiste – award-winning actor and comedian (

Beverley Glick

For 15 years, Beverley contributed to the pop cultural narrative of the UK as a music journalist and magazine editor, reviewing gigs and albums, interviewing bands and creating stories that plugged into the zeitgeist – most notably the New Romantics and the electronic music boom of the early Eighties. She chronicled the rise of many popular artists, including Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Soft Cell.

In the Nineties she moved to Fleet Street, working first for The Observer, then The Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Express – writing, editing and commissioning stories for magazine and features sections.

Beverley now works as a story archaeologist and public speaking coach, helping entrepreneurs and creatives to find the personal stories that will help them spread their authentic message.


“What I value about Beverley is her genuine maturity, depth of understanding and compassion. She is an incredibly skilful editor, born out of more than 35 years of writing and journalistic experience. With expert insight and gentle hands she helps people see the story they are telling about themselves. Then she helps them wonder if there is another chapter their soul would like them to start writing. And on top of that she is an inspiring public speaker and has a wonderful sense of humour.”

Nick Williams – international speaker, bestselling author and founder of Inspired Entrepreneur (


Develop a series of stories to help you build your profile and attract interest in your creative work.

  • Generate stories that capture your personality in a way that feels natural and authentic
  • Develop self-belief through defining the deeper purpose behind your work
  • Unearth your unique narrative and make it hooky
  • Find out what journalists are looking for and how to deliver it to them



Storytelling for Self-Promotion (five webinars): £175 until Nov 1, then £197

Launching November 6

November 6: 6pm GMT – Webinar 1: Lift off – getting the most out of the journey. Why stories are the key to raising your profile.

November 20: 6pm GMT – Webinar 2: How to develop stories around your  purpose.

November 27 6pm GMT – Webinar 3: Using the archetypes to generate stories that engage and fascinate your audience.

December 4 6pm GMT – Webinar 4: The three types of stories that you should always have for interviews.

December 11 6pm GMT – Webinar 5: How to make stories hooky and how to pitch to the press.


“Practical, inspirational, entertaining, well-structured and authentic. High-quality information from credible and trustworthy trainers.”

Clare McCaldin, opera singer

“The workshop reassured me that we all have a unique story and there is a ready audience waiting for us to step on to the stage. Both facilitators showed genuine enthusiasm that they wanted us to do well.”

Tom Morley – drummer, inventor and founder member of Scritti Politti

“Jam-packed with practical information, which we used to take our own stories on quite an amazing journey. I feel a new sense of clarity and the direction to plan my next year.”

Sarah Hyndman – graphic designer, type mischief-maker and author of Why Fonts Matter (Virgin Books)

“A warm and stimulating environment with a step-by-step approach to address the challenges and demands of being effective in the world of PR.”

Rona Steinberg – Out Loud life coach and public speaking trainer