Trailblazer Tribe Event

What is Trailblazer Tribe?

Trailblazer Tribe Live is a free online facebook community hosted by award-winning coach for creatives Nicky Moran and former music journalist and storytelling expert Beverley Glick.   Our goal is to create events and offer training to help ambitious creatives, entrepreneurial freedom-lovers, marketing rebels and artistic souls raise their profile in an enjoyable and authentic way. To join, please go to: Trailblazer Tribe.

Trailblazer Tribe Live:

One Minute Pitching for Creatives

Trailblazer Tribe Live is a community networking event for ambitious creatives, entrepreneurial freedom-lovers, marketing rebels and artistic souls who want to get better at raising their profile in a way that feels intuitive, authentic and enjoyable.

Hosted by award-winning coach for creatives Nicky Moran and former rock journalist and story coach Bev Glick, the event provides a safe and nurturing space in which to make connections, learn new skills, have some fun and find inspiration to take your career to the next level.

Inspired by their work as public speaking trainers who help people all over the world deliver TED-style talks, on May 23rd Nicky and Bev will be sharing some tips and exercises that will develop your pitching skills – and that simply means being clear about what people can hire you for.

What to expect from the evening:

Meet other like-minded creatives – from actors, photographers and creative directors to artists and musicians – and forge connections.

Practise speaking from the heart and with clarity.

Experiment with creating curiosity.

Take the opportunity to pitch from the stage for one minute! (Only for the brave…)

Mingle in the quirky surroundings of The Library, a private members’ club in the heart of London’s Theatreland.

Here’s what previous participants have said about our events:

“I was impressed by the warmth and the nurturing aspect of the event. Creatives can feel so vulnerable because the work they do comes from the heart and is often emotionally charged for them so this sort of safe learning environment is essential for confidence building and breaking down any reservations about coming forward and presenting yourself. The movement in the room created an almost party-like environment which I loved.”

– Karen Sims, owner, online shop Know & Love

“It was very friendly and the exercises really helped everyone get to know each other. I felt out of my comfort zone, but in a good way. You created a warm and accepting environment, and it was so interesting to meet and listen to everyone else, a great group of creative people.”

– Michelle Evans, artist and teacher

“The workshop was fascinating and a great opportunity to meet so many talented minds. Both Bev and Nicky brought a certain dynamism which helped the evening go smoothly and comfortably.”

– Nicolas Laborie, photographer and videographer

What to expect

  • Meet other like-minded creatives – from actors, photographers and creative directors to artists and musicians – and forge connections
  • Take part in a mini workshop that will teach you how to pitch from the heart and with clarity.
  • Mingle in the quirky surroundings of The Library, a private members’ club in the heart of London’s Theatreland.

Next Event Details: 

Date: Thursday 23 May at 7.00-10.00pm

Venue: Library

112 St Martins Lane, Covent Garden

London WC2N 4BD

Price: £15 early bird or £20

Tickets are limited. Please purchase your ticket in advance.

More on Nicky and Beverley

Nicky Moran is an award winning coach and trainer for creative professionals. She’s helped hundreds of ambitious creatives rocket fuel their careers and become successful on their own terms. She has worked with musicians, composers, artists, actors, photographers and writers to help them develop their profiles and achieve a high level of success. She has helped people get an agents, more prestigious clients, complete important creative projects and raise their profile online and in the press.

With a background in PR, journalism and leadership training, she helps her clients to get clarity on their unique strengths and build inspiring lives and careers.

Beverley started her long career in the media as a rock music journalist in the early 80s, coining the term The New Romantics and doing the first major interviews with bands like Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran. She went on to become the editor of a pop magazine called Record Mirror before making the move into national newspapers, where she worked as a features writer, editor and columnist for publications including The Observer, The Sunday Telegraph and The Sunday Express. More recently she qualified as a life coach and now works as a public speaking coach and trainer specialising in storytelling, and runs her own practice helping people tell stories that build their profile.

Feedback from our last event

“There’s a lot of people who are working in little silos, as kind of lone wolves, here there and everywhere. So something like Trailblazer Tribe Live is particularly important because I can spend days and days and days in development, where you don’t talk to anyone. You’ve got to be able to bounce things off a lot of other people. And that’s why talking shops like this are just heaven for me. Everyone you ever meet knows something that you don’t. So do yourself a favour and talk to people. And if it doesn’t happen naturally, then come to something like this and have it done at gunpoint!” 
– Chris Cowey, TV producer (former producer of Top of the Pops)


“I’m around creative people a lot with my work but tonight was very different. Hearing other creatives telling their stories – there were a lot of little soundbites that really resonated with me.”
– Nick Phillips, composer


“Thank you for hosting such a fabulous event! I spoke to some very inspiring people, learned more than a few useful creative snippets and drank some lovely gin in the company of a stuffed polar bear. These don’t tend to me things I do every night!”
– Nina Jervis, freelance writer


“Wow Nicky, what a FABULOUS evening!! I loved every minute. Such a great crowd of people – thanks so much to you and Bev for putting it together. Well done – amazing job.  It was a really important – possibly life-changing night for me, too. To stand up and own my story, to acknowledge the struggle but also the gifts within it, and to see that I was able to inspire others at the same time – was just huge. I feel that the experience has moved the energy within me, and I’ve been flying ever since.”
– Pearl Bates, artist and storyteller