The Passion Project Six Week Challenge
The passion project six week challenge is a programme to help you start and complete an important project and celebrate with a supportive community.  If you would like to join the next challenge, please send me a message and I will add you to the list. 

The Passion Project Six Week Challenge

connect – achieve – celebrate


  • Six weeks to help you prioritise, plan, get into creative flow and complete an important project, while celebrating with others


  • Live weekly trainings with Nicky to learn how to get into creative flow, increase motivation, manage procrastination and complete your project.


  • Week-day live sociable focus sessions, helping you to be more productive and feel connected.


  • Gain tools to help you structure your time and achieve something each day.


  • Feel connected with a supportive creative community in a facebook group so that you feel motivated and productive.


  • Track progress and have accountability with others.


  • Manage your mindset and mental states so that you can thrive over the next few weeks.

Official start date: To join the next challenge, please send me a message via the contact me page and I will send you details.


This is about completing something important so you feel that you are living out your values in the next few weeks.  It may be a personal project that brings deep satisfaction, or a project to help them progress in their career.

My intention is that it brings creative joy and satisfaction to help you focus.

I hope it will benefit your career or life in the long term.

The current challenge

During the pandemic, you may be suffering loss, illness or economic stress.  The real danger of this experience is to our mental well being.  The loss in confidence or motivation may be devastating in the long run.   

The  six-week challenge is designed to support you to flourish in these times and feel supported.

The next challenge will be coming soon..

Six weekly live learning video calls that you can join or listen to afterwards. The journey helps you to start with clarity, create structure and get into habits that support you to stay on track.

Weekly handouts, with exercises and planning tools to keep you focused.

A ‘get it done’ workbook. This is my encyclopaedia of tried and tested tools that you can use for all projects. It includes planning tools, exercises to help you prioritise, tools to help you get unstuck when you get into overwhelm, a list of time saving apps and more!

Be part of a Facebook community, where you can share your daily successes and ask for support.

Week day morning motivation calls – to boost your positivity levels and feel connected with a community who are working from home. Set clear intentions for the day and get body and mind ready for feeling focused all day.

  • The programme includes:

    • Week 1 –  Blast Off. Designing the outcome and visualising success. The journey begins by committing to an achievable project that feels inspiring and realistic. We state our intentions and create a plan for the six weeks. You will have a map of your six-week journey with clear outcomes and deadlines.
    • Week 2 –  Creative habits.  How rituals and daily habits can help increase your flow and ability to get things done.  You will have a practical system to help you stay energised and get in your creative flow each day.
    • Week 3 –  Managing resistance. Learn how to deal with procrastination and self-sabotage to find flow and confidence again. You will understand more how you tend to self-sabotage and find ways to get back in control.
    • Week 4 –  Being bold. We will explore how to avoid the perfectionist trap and take more creative risks. Could you share your progress or enrol people in what you’re doing? Could you book a date for a launch? What will shift you forward in this lockdown period? What’s a bold step you could take with your project?
    • Week 5 –  Becoming a completer-finisher.  Staying with the process, persevering and getting the job done.
    • Week 6 –  Celebrations. This final call will celebrate your successes as a group and reflect on who you became in the process. A vital tool for building confidence and taking a step forward.
    • Week 7 – Finale.   We meet to share a sample of our completed projects with the group over a glass of bubbly.

What sort of projects could you do?

The course is designed for two types of projects:

Creative projects that are purely to express yourself and find joy. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, learn a new language or get back to painting.


The other type is to tackle the projects that you know could catapult your career or business forward, if only you could stay focused.  Update your website, learn how to blog or create a short film.


How much commitment is needed?

It’s up to you – you can join the sessions live or watch them afterwards.  Each project is unique.

Do I need to know my project before I book?

No – you can work that out in the first week or two.  Some people start with one project and it becomes a different project and that’s ok too!

Do I need to be a creative professional to join?

No – it’s open to anyone who may benefit. Most of the projects will be creative, but it’s about passion first.

Want to see Nicky in action?

Join this facebook group and watch her 45 minute training: “How to Thrive During Lockdown”:

Who is this for?

Aimed at creative people, especially freelancers, who want to thrive in their careers and struggling with suddenly being at home with an empty diary.

Welcome to all people who love to learn new skills or do projects, but feel they need support to complete things.

Anyone with a project gathering dust, who would love to complete it.

Those who are generous and who love to celebrate other people’s successes.

The programme will normally cost £297. There will be an early bird discount on the lead up to the next challenge.   To register your interest, please send a message in the contact form and we will let you know of the next challenge.


Here are some testimonials from a previous cohort:

Nicky’s programme helped me reconnect with my passion for writing music helping me to give myself that motivation to re-inject play back into my daily grind. Through forging a structured creative community support network, Nicky and the other creatives nurtured a creative spark to re-light my goals. I picked up the guitar after 10 years gathering dust and use it most days to have that creative break from my stressful day.. but more importantly nurturing a goal I always wanted to have but lost the focus to reach for.


Eoin Norton

Graphic Designer and Musician

I loved Nicky’s Passion Project course. It came at just the right time for me, when I was feeling somewhat directionless and needing to find the joy in creative possibilities.

Nicky has such a motivating energy. She creates a mutually supportive environment where risk-taking feels both exciting and safe. The community she fostered with others on the course allowed me to feel nurtured on my creative journey and not.

I chose to learn to play the ukulele during the six weeks. I’m a performer and having this extra string to my bow has proven really useful, so much so that I played my uke in a show for children I was cast in last year and accompanied myself singing at a friend’s wedding in September.

Amy Conway –  Performance Artist

So the Passion Project has awakened my excitement for all of what I do and not just the new stuff and for that Nicky, I’m hugely grateful.

Jackie Booth

Executive and Leadership Coach

It was brilliant and still feeds me now. The immediate impact was it stopped me from being scared about writing. I wrote a short story, didn’t judge it and then wrote my PhD thesis in 3 months straight afterwards. (It was accepted with really minor corrections.)


I feel like the long-term impact means I’m not afraid to start something new, just for fun, even when it’s an area I feel unsure about (like music!). I started learning piano and it’s great.

Kristin Fredrickson

Theatre maker

It gave me the confidence and accountability to start making videos, which I had been resisting for a long time. Shortly after finishing with the Passion Project group, I launched my first online storytelling programme, which was all delivered via video. The other lovely aspect of it is being connected to other creatives and being able to support and encourage each other – and be inspired by what other people are doing. I think we need community now more than ever and Nicky is so brilliant not only as a coach and teacher but as a champion. She can uplift anyone!

Beverley Glick

Coach and journalist