Coaching for Creatives

What is Coaching?

If I hadn’t worked with Nicky this year, there’s no way I would have had the success I’ve had.

When I first started coaching, I was working for other people and my own creative work was taking a backseat. The initial session was transformational. Nicky has a way of asking questions that peal back the layers and helped me learn what was most important in my life.

She gave me the confidence to plan and launch my own projects, based on my passion and she also encouraged me to increase my prices. I now do much more meaningful work and always prioritise my own creative work. I have more time to express myself and feel more at ease making money.

She knows exactly how to guide creatives and I sometimes think she knows me better than I know myself.”

Lilli Unwin – Singer, songwriter

A creative life, directed by you

I love supporting creatives to thrive.  I would love to help you too.

I’ve supported musicians to launch their first EP, photographers to get top agents and writers to finally complete their novels.

More importantly, I’ve seen countless creatives make brave and bold choices to design a life that reflects who they deeply are and what they need to be fulfilled.

I would love to help you release your genius into the world and create a life that really lights you up.

How to get started?

Coaching takes time and to get the best results, I recommend one of my programmes.

If you simply want to work through an immediate issue, then the best way to benefit from my expertise is to book a clarity and calm coaching session.

This is a reduced-price coaching session at £95 for 60 minutes to give you immediate clarity on your creative life and work out an action plan for what to do next.  I will send you a form to prepare for this session so you can get the maximum value.

If you want to work with me longer term, I only work with a small number of clients.  The best approach is to contact me and I will send over a questionnaire. If I think we’re a good match, then we can jump on a call and discuss which programme may be the best option, from Clarity and Fulfilment, Personal Branding or Creative Leadership.  The call will be a chance to explore more, with no obligation to commit at the end. Please send me an email to n[email protected] explaining who you are and a brief synopsis of your situation and I will send you a form to complete.

Coaching Programmes

How does a Coaching Programme work?

Once we’ve agreed on the best coaching programme for you and we get started, here’s what you can expect.

•    A Firestarter Discovery Session (See below) and eight x one-hour coaching sessions, (in person or on zoom)
•    Accountability structures  (Weekly plan/ habits log)
•    Email updates  (We keep in touch in between sessions to keep the energy flowing)
•    Emergency calls for any critical moments
•    Training and all handouts.

How to get started?

Send me an email to [email protected] explaining who you are and a brief synopsis of your situation.  We will book in an initial coaching session to give you clarity on your next steps.

Firestarter Discovery Session

What is the Fire Starter Discovery Session?

The Fire Starter Discovery Session is the ideal place to start a coaching journey. This two-and-a-half hour session will kick-start your passion, get you clear about your ideal life, your purpose and give you the rocket fuel to design your ideal  career or business.

We’ll find out who you are, your key skills, what’s important to you, what motivates you and how to carve out a life on your own terms.

You will leave with a deeper sense of clarity around your vision, mission and it will build the foundation for us to make sustainable changes.

It includes:

2 x questionnaires to be completed and sent to me before the session. (A skills inventory and a life/ career assessment questionnaire)

2.5 hours of coaching in person (London) or on zoom.
A report which summarises your core values, career/ life goals and an action plan

Topics I specialise in:


 Work on Your Passion

Get Your Passion Project Finished

You’ve been working on a creative project for ages. It’s been gathering dust on a shelf and you feel frustrated that you can never find the time or discipline to complete it.  These sessions help you prioritise these important projects that inspire you, but just don’t get done. We work together to help you set goals, look at any limiting beliefs that may be in the way, get into new habits and put your passions centre stage.


Get More Ideal Work

Get more of the work you love – niching and narrowing the options

You have been freelancing for a while, but may feel in a bit of a rut. You’re spinning too many plates, saying yes to many jobs that don’t inspire you and you’ve lost motivation. You need to find fresh inspiration, clarity on what you really want, a plan to get there and support to make those changes. These sessions will help you develop a clear niche so that you can be more focused in your search for your ideal work. They will also help you to make a plan and take action to move your career in the direction that most inspires you.


Personal Branding and Self Promotion

Become a Savvy Self-Promoter

For freelancers and business owners who hate publicity but want more jobs that inspire them.  You may have a website, blog and perhaps dabble in social media, but you find it really uncomfortable promoting yourself. You’re not sure what to say and feel self-conscious promoting your work. These sessions will help you learn to develop content to promote your work in a compelling way, whether that’s in blogs, on your website, on social media or to gain press coverage.


Be an Inspiring Leader

Inspiring Leadership – attract more business and motivate your team

These sessions are for leaders in creative businesses who want to be more effective at motivating and inspiring others. We’ll look at your leadership personality and how to develop more self-awareness on your impact and how to get the best out of others. The sessions will give you a deeper insight into any communication issues you may have with your team and how to have conversations that lead to increased motivation.

These sessions will work on your communication style, help you be more consistent in your impact as a leader and help you influence others, whether it’s in a boardroom, on the radio or in a one-to-one.


Make a Big Shift

From Full-Time to Freelance

You are a professional working in a job that doesn’t inspire you. You long to run your own business, do your own work or to go freelance. You have lots of ideas about what to do but no clear plan to move from where you are to where you want to be. You are craving a new life but the fear of taking the leap is stopping you. These sessions will help you to get clearer on the next steps, put together a plan to get going and start taking bold action to make your goals a reality.


Inspiring Public Speaking

Public Speaking Mastery – raise your profile through speaking

Being a great public speaker can make a huge difference to your career and reputation.  These sessions are aimed at helping creatives and leaders to learn how to develop more presence and to be memorable, so that you are sought-after for the contracts you desire. We will look at how to manage your nerves, be authentic and use dynamic body language and voice and develop a message that inspires an immediate response. When you master public speaking skills, you will have more confidence to do talks at prestigious events, video blogs or pitch for clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your approach different to other coaches?
There are coaches who specialise in helping you think about who you really are, what’s important to you and how to create a life that inspires you. There are also coaches who focus on business or career and take you through the process of ‘how to run a business’. I offer both types of coaching.

I believe that creative people need to think about their career or business as an aspect of who they are as a person. Creatives develop careers based on their passion and personality, not the desire for money. However, money is an important aspect of life, so we look at the practical as well as the inspirational.

When we work together, we will look at all aspects of your career, business and life to make sure you are aligned with your purpose and values. We will create a plan to ensure that you are going in the right direction and put accountability into place to make it happen.

What aspects of business can you help with?
I can help you develop a clear niche, get clarity about your customer and communicate your value, as well as develop your skills around blogging, storytelling, speaking to get work, networking and PR. I am also an expert in developing a leadership and personal impact mindset, managing your emotions, inspiring others and all aspects of communication.

I can offer basic tips on getting more organised and getting things done but I am not an expert in business planning, pricing, strategy or finance. Anything that involves numbers, technology or business systems is not my area of expertise.

Will coaching mean I have to be vulnerable and open up?
Everyone is different, but making changes can be challenging. Many of my clients find that committing to coaching can bring up a lot of emotions along the way. When emotions come up, this is normally a sign that the coaching is working. It is through connecting with our emotions that we are able to make the biggest shifts. The purpose of coaching is to be brave and ask the tough questions so that you can start living your life in a purposeful way.

I’m not sure if I’m a creative. Do you only work with artists?
My coaching is aimed at creative professionals, artists, performers or leaders of creative businesses. However, my real passion is working with people who want to be bolder and creative about living life on their own terms. If you are fascinating, passionate and driven, then I would probably love working with you. I have helped chefs, yoga teachers, coaches and many leaders too.

What happens if the coaching doesn’t work?
I always interview people before I work with them. I only take on people who I think are a good match and are committed to the process. I also work hard to help people get clear about the outcomes they want at the outset so they can measure their progress.

I build in a framework to facilitate open communication, which ensures that any issues or potential problems are raised throughout the coaching journey. This is part of the training and can help clients learn how to be more assertive and ask for what they need.

On occasion I have found that a client hasn’t been a good fit for the coaching, so if this happens I will suggest a conversation to try and put things right. If we both agree that the coaching is not going to work, then I am happy to end the coaching contract as my priority is to help clients get results.

Is coaching different to therapy?
Yes, therapy looks at the problem and reflects on the past. Coaching looks at where you are now and focuses on where you want to get to in the future. It’s also practical, so helps you to commit to changes.


Without Nicky, I would not have had the confidence to stand on stage and speak eloquently and fluently in front of a packed audience of my peers. She has helped me to unlock the creative reaches of my mind, then to coordinate and fulfil my thoughts, feelings and ambitions. I think, act, and speak more clearly – both in public and in private with friends – now than I ever did before, and that is down to Nicky and her magical way of putting you in touch with yourself and your inner creative mind. She is a listener, a thinker and a wonderful sounding board – rare and precious attributes in this loud, busy and crowded world. I cannot rate Nicky’s style, method and manner highly enough.
Elliot Wilson – business journalist and author

Nicky is a gifted and intuitive coach who really helps to empower creatives. When I approached Nicky to have one-to-one sessions, I felt confused and stuck creatively. If anything I had too many options and the coaching helped empower me to reflect on my core skills and strengths.

The sessions are worth their weight in gold, as I have subsequently had more confidence in approaching and working with clients to produce radio, podcast and website audio content.

I also appreciate how much Nicky cares about her clients – she genuinely wants everyone to succeed. We had some tough sessions working through some of the issues that had been holding me back and I appreciated her honesty and openness.

By giving me the tools to enable me to reflect on and challenge myself to move forward I truly felt empowered and liberated from old habits and thoughts that were meaningless in the present. I feel real clarity and confidence when working with clients and when I am working on my own radio series as well – and this year using that to push out of my comfort zone even more! Thank you Nicky!
John Flannery Media

I hired Nicky for some coaching as I was very nervous about a presentation that I had to give to a networking group. I had two sessions and it made a profound difference. Through Nicky’s advice and guidance, I gained so much confidence. Best of all, the pitch couldn’t have gone better. It has really put me on the map with my client group and I am even looking forward to the next presentation.
Andy Johnson – photographer

Nicky helped me to learn a lot about what drove me, my core values, the reason I was doing what I was doing. The sessions really helped me to become much clearer on what my brand stood for, how I was different from other photographers and this helped me to take bolder risks on fashion shoots and in meetings with possible clients. I became much clearer when articulating my vision to stylists, magazine editors and agents. I became much more passionate and was able to describe the stories behind my photos. One of the tangible results from the coaching has been that it led to me getting offers from several photographic agents in the industry. I have developed a reputation for a distinctive photographic style. I regularly get requests because people have heard about my approach and I am now doing a much higher level of work than I was before.
Cameron McNee – fashion photographer, New York and London

I spent two years thinking about trying coaching before I actually contacted Nicky. After finally taking the plunge I can wholeheartedly say it was the best career/ life decision I have made. I left a well-paid, high-profile career that I wasn’t enjoying. I am now travelling the world with my partner and have a strong plan to start my own business when I return. I would definitely recommend working with Nicky – she is great for building confidence, brainstorming ideas and building a clear path for steps forward.
Candice Roberts

I was making music for the media for 12 years and now I have an album coming out, I’ve played live at jazz venues across London and I’ve set up a creative workspace. My life has changed from an isolated one-man mission to an exciting new, socially interesting world.
A big thing was developing the confidence to be a leader and set up my own projects. I now have the confidence to be brave in situations where I might have struggled before.
Aaron Wheeler – music producer, Lydian Collective

One of my goals for coaching was to create my own work and sketches to raise my profile. Now, one of my sketches, ‘Les Chuckle Brothers’ has been unanimously voted ‘Sketch of the Year’ by a panel of industry professionals at the London SketchFest. So I am now part of an award-winning double act!  Nicky is excellent – insightful and intuitive with a real ear for where to focus. Efficient too – she wouldn’t take any unproductive wandering off topic and would laser in on the issue that needed tackling, which meant that I felt very productive. She also zoned in precisely on my own personal desires. A bespoke audit of me, ha-ha! Nicky is incredibly easy to get along with – very charming and personable. What is great too is that it becomes clear that the thing that really inspires her is how she loves her clients and wants them to have the best life possible. This enthusiasm is contagious. We laughed a lot!”
Greg Haiste – actor and comedian

When I first started coaching with Nicky, I felt disorganised, confused, overwhelmed by administration, unmotivated (sometimes). I wasn’t doing the things on my long-term ‘To Do’ list. After nine months, I have a new website, a blog, a mailing list, a newsletter and a new album. I feel like I run a proper business now. I am better at prioritising what I need to do, I have cut down unnecessary texts and emails, I have delegated more, I tweet and I have lots of new followers. Nicky is like a friend – caring, concerned, motivating but tough (in a tough-love kind of way), excited, genuinely interested and enthusiastic. The best thing about Nicky’s style is that she does not take any excuses, which meant that I just had to do it, or to look for an alternative way to achieve something rather than giving up before I got started. I also responded well to her encouragement, excitement and enthusiasm – it made me feel the same way.
Sarah Power – opera singer

Working with Nicky has been a life-changing experience. She helped me to understand what defines me as a person and an artist. The most important lesson has been to enjoy the journey rather than focus on the end result. Since working with Nicky I’ve understood that whatever I wanted was right there in my life already, I just had to see it. Nicky has helped me become a happier person and find the magic that made me love my creative practice in the first place. I love you Nicky – thanks so much.
Luca de Salvia – creative director