Self-Promotion with Soul


You may have a website, blog and dabble in social media, but the reality is that you find self-promotion overwhelming. You’re never quite sure what to say and feel under pressure that you should constantly tweet or cold-call people to get work. You don’t!

It is time to get confident about what makes your brand authentic.

In Self-Promotion with Soul, we will look at exactly how to attract clients and build relationships in a way that feels comfortable and not pushy. We’ll look at the art of how to build trust through consistency in how you communicate your brand – whether that’s on your website, social media, to the press or face to face.

When you learn how to connect to people in a more authentic way, then self-promotion becomes enjoyable rather than stressful.

Who are the sessions for?

All creative professionals: actors, performers, owners of small businesses or leaders of companies.

What You Get

  • Clarity around your personal strengths and how to promote yourself in a way that suits your personality.
  • A blogging and communication plan to help you consistently promote your work and build relationships with key people with whom you wish to work.
  • The communication skills to build trust with people with whom you wish to work, whether it is blogging, doing presentations or networking.
  • More personal presence so you can connect with people and have a positive impact.
  • A guide to research your ideal clients and ask the right questions. Once you gain clarity, you know exactly how to communicate the value of what you do in a way that opens doors.
  • A file of personal stories to show off your unique skills. We will dig into what makes you and your work unique so you can communicate authentically and not come across as pushy.
  • Practice sessions to help you with your dynamic in meetings or interviews.
  • Structure, accountability and focus.
  • An inspiring collaborator to help you come up with brilliant ideas and make them happen.

Recommended Time: three months

You will get seven hours of dedicated coaching; starting with a two hour one-on-one session.

2 x 5 min emergency calls

For when need support, a confidence boost or a moment to regain clarity.


Self-Promotion only works if you put it into action. To make sure you do, you will get online support for accountability and feedback.

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