Mindful Productivity

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If you’re struggling to focus, or get things done at the moment, then you’re probably, like many of us, trying to adjust to a new reality.  The loneliness of working from home and pressure to rebuild your work life can be hard and frustrating.


If you want to be more productive, connected to a supportive community, feel motivated and inspired again – then I have a new programme to support you to make things happen.


Mindful productivity is a supportive group coaching programme for creatives, to help you to plan and organise your time, get into better mind states to help you stay focused every day. You’ll also get inspiration and be part of a tribe of like-minded souls.


Led by motivational coach, Nicky Moran, you’ll gain a regular dose of energy and be part of an inspiring community to support you getting clarity and work in more productive ways.



What you’ll get 


  • A training session to set some inspiring intentions for the months ahead.  This will help you to clear through the clutter of ideas, connect with your wisest self and narrow your focus to what’s most important.  (You can either attend this live, or watch on video).
  • Planning tools for the year, month and week with group sessions and training videos to help you stay focused.
  • A monthly planning session. In this live group-training session, you use a planning tool which helps you reflect on the previous month and prioritise the most important goals for the month ahead. You share your top goal with a buddy.
  • Inspiring weekly group calls – including a focusing meditation and time to plan your week. (You can attend live or check in with a buddy).
  • Morning inspiration – Nicky will do Facebook lives with energising messages and embodiment practices.  You can ask questions and check in.
  • Be part of a lively online community – where you can share ideas, ask for help or share a win.
  • Buddy support – you will have the option to work with a buddy, with structures to help you both stay accountable.


How it works

Weekly planning session – Every Monday at 10am GMT

18 November 5pm GMT – Training session ‘goals with soul’

The first month is a pilot and will be a chance for you to try it out. You will be able to make a donation.

To join, please send me a message below with ‘Mindful Productivity’ in the title and an overview of who you are.  I will send you the details to join.

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