Be an Inspiring Leader – Attract More Business and Motivate Your Team


You are a leader in a creative business and want to play a bigger game. You want to inspire others, be able to sell your ideas and share your enthusiasm about the work you do.

What holds you back is that although you are passionate, you may find it challenging to convey your message in a way that builds trust. Your success has been down to hard work but to grow the business you know that you need to be more confident in expressing your ideas.

You can communicate well when you’re relaxed but the pressure of being in the spotlight can make you uncomfortable and you are not always as articulate as you’d like to be.

All creative professionals: actors, performers, owners of small businesses or leaders of companies.

What You Get

  • How to have more presence and impact when you communicate.
  • Know your personal style and strengths as a leader and how to make the most of your natural abilities.
  • How to communicate in an authentic way that inspires confidence.
  • The chance to practise doing presentations that are engaging and inspiring.
  • How to sell big ideas without coming across as over-the-top.
  • How to handle conflict or challenging people in an assertive and motivational way.
  • How to overcome nerves when giving talks to grow the business.
  • A space to talk freely about business or personal issues in a way that feels empowering.

What my clients say