Get More Ideal Work – Define Your Niche


Have you been freelancing for a while and tend to say yes to any work that comes your way? Money has probably been the main driver, but it has left you feeling overwhelmed and spinning too many plates.

It is time to take charge of your career and get the work you really desire.

If you’d love to do more of the work that inspires you, then defining your personal niche is the perfect way to attract the jobs you really want.

‘Get More Work’ coaching will map out your strengths and passions, define your ideal work and who would employ you, plus help you market yourself and emphasise your uniqueness so you can stand out from the competition. The session will give you tips on how to reposition your website and social media and how to communicate what you do in a way that attracts the work you want.

Who are the sessions for?

Owners of small businesses who offer services such as graphic design, music, photography or art. It is also relevant to performers.

What You Get

  • A clear plan that outlines your personal values, business vision and niche based on your passions and key skills.
  • An outline of your ideal clients and what needs they have that your skills can satisfy.
  • A guide to research and interview your ideal clients so you can gain useful feedback to help you communicate your value.
  • A guide to help you communicate the value of your offer to a specific audience.
  • A sounding board to help you work through any fears or concerns about the future and a route to make it possible.

Pre session

You will receive a coaching questionnaire and a skills inventory to help you assess your strengths and areas for development.

Two-hour focused session

We will have a one-to-one coaching session in Stoke Newington or over Skype.

Follow up

Post session you will get a summary report of the session, an action plan to research ideal clients and one-hour follow-up session

What my clients say