Make a Big Shift – from Full-Time to Freelance


You are a professional working in a job that doesn’t inspire you. You long to run your own business, do your own work or to go freelance.

You have lots of ideas of what to do but no clear plan to move from where you are to where you want to be.

You are craving a new life but the fear of taking the leap is stopping you.

Who are the sessions for?

Ideal for creatives working for a company, but looking to build up their freelance portfolio.

What You Get

  • Clarity on how to transition from full-time to freelance or a small business.
  • Learning what your key skills are and how to turn them into a viable business.
  • A plan of action that helps you make money while building up your work.
  • A space to talk candidly about fears or concerns and how to develop confidence to make the shift.
  • An overview of a possible niche and what is unique about you or your new business.
  • An outline of your ideal clients and what needs they have that your skills can satisfy.

A communication guide to help you communicate the value of your offer to a specific audience.

What my clients say