Clarity and Calm Coaching Session


2020 has been one of the strangest years we’ve all faced and it’s had a terrible impact on many creative professionals.

If you’re feeling more stressed and anxious, or simply feel overwhelmed by the last few months, you’re certainly not alone.

My normal work life used to involve a lot of travel, delivering in-person training sessions, doing gigs and a lot of dancing.  Like many of us, my world shrank and I had to face a year of working out who I was in this new era.

It takes time to adjust to change and getting support is be vital to help you get back to your best.

This is why I’ve introduced a new one-off coaching session, which can be bought to help you reroute and gain new perspective in these uncertain times.

I normally only do packages of 12 sessions with clients, to help you make long-term changes. However, I’ve realised that sometimes, we just need a the ear of an expert and space with a professional to help us regain clarity.

Clarity and Calm coaching ensures you take back control and find some important answers as to what to do next.

It will help you:

  • Confirm what you can and can’t control so you feel less anxiety.
  • Analyse your situation, identify opportunity and take action with clarity.
  • Reconnect with what fulfils you at the deepest level.


This highly regarded 60min session is available at a reduced rate at £95.


Securing your spot: Please complete this form and I will book you in for your session.